Friday 17 December 2021

Project operation plan

It is the exploration of the company's path of research and development of creative industries, and it is an effective attempt to professional division of labor in enterprise investment management and operation service management.

Through the rational integration of resources between the two sides, we will comprehensively promote the all-round accelerated development of wireless value-added applications, in which the two sides will plan to use 3 to 4 years to promote the number of mobile game users to reach the medium-term target of 30% of USA's mobile game market share

Guiding ideology

Open source savings, proactive, technology-based, product innovation, integration of resources, with living mechanism, down-to-earth, to stimulate Pentium!


Project manager: xx company funded the establishment of the project department, the company is responsible for the project department's day-to-day management and coordination, control the project department's strategic development direction, staffing, investment and acquisition rights.

Project operator

The project operator: the project department confirmed its participation in xx company on december 16, 2009. currently in the formation stage, which has the backbone of the members will be included in the xx company management.

Soon after xx company wholly-owned holding and expand the capital, the project department will strive to sign the "mobile game cooperative operation agreement" with the three major operators in december, and expand the team strength, the soon-to-be repackaged wireless value-added service application department will be a new face and a new business service model, to intervene and accelerate the all-round development of mobile game business.

The annual marketing planning

(1) project external strategy:

large: the project is bigger, the customer is bigger; full: game product content; more: cooperation channels, layer: hierarchical, multi-directional three-dimensional sales; live: grasp the market, activate the market.

(2) project-to-internal strategy:

Clear institutions, clear responsibilities, internal and external clear; choose: choose people on duty, the survival of the fittest; fine: prefer not to abuse, fine military simple government; special: professional division of labor, special responsibility; general: management decrees; exciting: incentives, rewards and punishment mechanisms in place, indicators layer by layer implementation.

(3) the development foundation of the project:

The project operator policy put in place, the integration of resources and technical force input is a solid foundation for the overall development of the project. on this basis, the project operator will strive to achieve: so that the company's investors satisfied, partners satisfied, customer satisfaction, their own satisfaction with the four satisfaction;

The work unfolded

(1) according to the project manager's operating structure, in order to seek progress in a stable way as the principle;
(2) all employed experience in mobile game program developers, the basic principles of future employment: mechanism selection, merit and from, the upper place;
(3) break the "iron rice bowl", employees hold the stick "golden bowl", personal income composition: basic salary, quantified benefit bonus (month/quarter/year);
(4) operating indicators and cost standards layer by layer implementation, quantitative assessment data, not capped, under the bottom, and strive to achieve fair, fair, open and objective standards of treatment.

The implementation of the paragraph

(1) the handover period between the two parties:
(2) early stage of operation and service:
(3) promotional period:
(4) promotional climax period

Risk factors

The project depends on the operation of the market and the risk prevention of the business model, which depends mainly on the market, market risk, mainly the risk of market development. in order to effectively reduce the risk of market development, we develop and integrate products will carefully choose online, immediate strategy, development, role-playing, puzzle, sports, leisure chess, simulation management, adventure shooting and other types of games as the main direction. at the same time. 


We should also pay attention to networking, broaden our horizons, cooperate widely, develop indirect relationship resources and so on. therefore, the key to effectively reduce the risk of market development lies in the implementation of market positioning strategy and strategy, strategy has been formed feasible, the key to implementation is the team. in addition, the harmony of partners and connections is also important. the profitability of the project also depends on the acceptance of the product and the maximization of benefits, so grasping these two points can greatly reduce market risk.

Team management risk:

The risks in team management are primarily team vision, courage, execution and sustainability issues. in order to effectively reduce the risk of team management, we in the employment link, the implementation of "can go up and down, can go in and out" of the competition and elimination mechanism. in the education sector, to provide more cutting-edge technical training and communication opportunities to meet the needs of employee development. in terms of retention, adopt "multi-pronged" working methods and systems, including high-paying retention, equal and harmonious working environment retention, entrusted with the task of retaining people, personalized management of retention, precipitation welfare retention, emotional retention, constraints

we will take measures such as keeping people to build an excellent organizational culture and prevent the brain drain of outstanding ability and outstanding performance.

The disconnect between technology and the market.

The future market competition is not only a simple increase in the number of users and market share, the project side must also be in the wireless value-added application business technology market innovation, in order to support the market, manufacturing market, increase more use of added value!

We will use the regional monopoly position of the operator's mobile game content provider to successfully cultivate our leading game products, and accepted by the market, is the lifeline of the mobile game project department, that is, an important condition for the success of the project. the current profit model and market forecast can greatly reduce the investment risk of this project.

Other risk aspects.


Mainly our projects belong to emerging areas, business experience is still shallow. it will also allow us to ensure leanness, thrift and vigilance, while at the same time spurring us to focus on the advantages of innovation that are not influenced by traditional business mindsets to compensate for deficiencies and reduce risk.

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