Friday 17 December 2021

Project managers must understand management skills

It is the core work of the project manager to make effective use of resources, complete project delivery and obtain the approval of stakeholders in the prescribed time. how to do a good job in the implementation process of demand management, to avoid the spread of the project scope caused by the increase in costs or lag in progress, is the project manager's common pain point problem. 


By summarizing the common problem phenomena in demand change management, this paper summarizes the three principles of consistency, rationality and standardization of the scope of the prevention project, which can be used by the project manager to prevent and solve the problem of project scope spread. alliance of project managers

Principles of consistency the project managers alliance

consistency principles: include uniform definitions of requirements delivery, requirements change management processes, and related terminology, as well as agreement on the scope of requirements, requirements descriptions. alliance of project managers

Common problem phenomenon: customers are not familiar with the product or demand details in the early stage, the prior recognized requirements, in the business acceptance phase to propose a large number of detailed changes, and even require the entire module to adjust the implementation plan, resulting in project rework, affect team morale, serious will lead to the project can not be delivered on time. alliance of project managers

Prevention and solutions:

  1. The unified definition of demand keywords and functional module terms, through the prototype method to provide product models, so that customers participate in the product experience in advance, improve product familiarity, to ensure that the needs of consistent understanding; alliance of project managers
  2. Review the role and responsibilities of the project, determine the project organizational structure, identify the requirements to allow implementation and change of the final decision-maker, the development of a unified decision-making mechanism; alliance of project managers
  3. Advance planning of key milestones of the acceptance plan, the creation of WBS project deliverables and work decomposition, to ensure that all parties on the delivery results and work tasks of understanding, such as inviting customers to participate in the timely inspection of the phased deliverables meet expectations, if found deviations to make timely adjustments to ensure the final delivery of product recognition. Alliance of Project Managers

The principle of rationality is transferred from the project managers alliance

Rationality principle: refers to the needs adjustment, should analyze and evaluate the matching of needs with project objectives and the feasibility of demand realization. alliance of project managers

Common problem phenomenon: consider maintaining customer partnership, it is generally difficult to directly reject the customer's request, but the lack of effective guidance to tap the customer's real needs, resulting in the scope of demand deviated from the actual project objectives, or team members in pursuit of perfect product functionality, constantly adjust the implementation plan, resulting in the product can not be delivered on time. project management training

Prevention and solutions: alliance of project managers

  1. The scope of demand adjustment, should be determined by the customer to achieve the goal to match, arrange for the team or experts to assess the impact of the achievable plan on progress, cost, etc., if there are multiple demand adjustments, should also be clear demand priorities, and with the parties to the solution plan and solution agreed. alliance of project managers
  2. When team members find that the product function is not perfect, should assess the impact and determine whether it belongs to the scope of project delivery, through the CCB decision-making change adjustment function scheme, to avoid blind gold plating phenomenon. Alliance of Project Managers

Standardization principles project managers alliance

Normalization principle: refers to the implementation of the agreed change process of the scope of requirements changes, to ensure the transparency of information, and do a good job of tracking and recording. 

Common problem phenomenon: no relevant written records, accept oral form of demand changes, resulting in changes in requirements can not be tracked in a timely manner. alliance of project managers

Prevention and solutions: alliance of project managers

  • Put an end to oral changes, change requests in special emergency situations, can establish a rapid response team and decision-making mechanism, determine the needs of change unified mouth and final decision-makers, to ensure that relevant parties can follow the process specifications to implement changes, facilitate unified management of changes, do a good job of tracking and recording. alliance of project managers
  • Timely synchronization of demand progress, rational use of regular project meetings, weekly reports, monthly reports and other forms of information transmission, to ensure that the project information transparency, so that relevant parties in a timely manner to understand the scope of the project, cost, progress of the actual progress and deviation. alliance of project managers

Concluding remarks project manager alliance

As the market environment changes, the project manager will face the increasingly complex project environment, control the scope of demand to successfully deliver the project, is a test for each project manager, i hope that the above sharing summary can help you in the future project management on the road.

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