Friday 17 December 2021

Project manager interview clearance guide

With one month to go until 2022, many project managers are quietly waiting for new opportunities after winning the year-end award, waiting for the right time to jump ship! In the job search process, in addition to our own resume needs to carry out a perfect package, for the preparation of the interview is also very important link, after all, resume can give you only an interview opportunity, can get this Office or depends on the specific performance of the interview can pass smoothly.

Here for you to organize some interview answer tips, i hope you can use! project management training

Start with a simple self-introduction

General interview time, the interviewer's first step will let you, first of all to introduce themselves. alliance of project managers

What do you need to pay attention to about introducing yourself?

Minefield answers: alliance of project managers

(1) directly back resume: who i am, i was in xx company before what is done, there is no key point to say, said the final interviewer will feel that you do not know how to focus. project managers alliance article
(2) self-explosion of their own defects: such as xxx inexperience, what their own shortcomings and so on. project management training

Reference analysis: alliance of project managers

(1) who am i (including name, graduation school, major), it is my honor that your company give me this interview opportunity. alliance of project managers
(2) describe the project experience and its own highlights (matching the current interview job requirements), select 1-2 representative project experience under a simple description, the project size and cycle, responsible for the content, the final results of the project. alliance of project managers
(3) the reasons for applying for this position and their own advantages, this interview is your company's xxx position, because you have previously had relevant work experience, this position and their own development plans are also in line, so i also hope to get your company this opportunity, thank you. alliance of project managers

Warm tip: in the process of self-introduction must be confident and generous, pay attention to the introduction time needs to be controlled in place, too short interviewer can not remember you, too long to appear long, about 5 minutes can be. alliance of project managers

Reference analysis: alliance of project managers

1, project problem-solving ability project manager alliance
2, team management ability
3, communication and coordination skills project managers alliance
4, the big picture project manager alliance
5, resilience project managers alliance
6, the ability to balance
7, good at transposition thinking project managers alliance

Tips: this part of the interviewer needs to prepare in advance, to tell a story that can prove your ability to apply for the position. you can choose a few of their own feel more important ability to explain, to remember what you said, later if asked what you have advantages and disadvantages can be combined. alliance of project managers

Have you ever had any experience dealing with project failures? project managers alliance

Minefield answers:

(1) i have no experience of project failure, the whole project i control very well, there has been no failure aspect of the project manager alliance
(2) only the case of failure did not give a solution, did not describe in detail what caused the failure, after the failure of their own how to deal with the

Reference analysis: project management training

(1) pick a representative failure answer, such as what caused the failure, and how you can find a way to solve the failure after you know it
(2) if you really have not experienced any big failure, you can say so, is so because we have done the project risk management this piece is relatively in place, generally will not appear too big a problem, such as sometimes there are some more common small problems, i am also the first time with the relevant stakeholders to communicate, timely solve the problem, to avoid problems leading to project delay

Tips: the purpose of this question interviewer is to see how you respond to unexpected situations and whether you have experience dealing with risks. never exaggerate the problem and avoid digging holes in yourself. transfer to the project managers alliance

How do you monitor whether the project is normal to answer this question is quite simple, in fact, it is equivalent to asking the project manager what you do? alliance of project managers

Reference analysis: alliance of project managers

(1) first use 1 minute or so to clear up the logical thinking
(2) from how to make a project plan, to how to manage people, how to do things, and how to supervise and allocate resources step by step logically to tell the clear project manager alliance

What do you think the role of the project manager is the project manager alliance?

Project Manager Responsibilities

overall, the project manager's role is to ensure that product demand falls smoothly.

(1) resource coordination: when the project needs urgent, but lack of personnel, technology, money and other resources to support, the project is responsible for coordinating.
(2) project scheduling: for product demand, the project manager should control the workload size of each demand, and finalize each person's delivery time, output project scheduling table
(3) cost management: the project cost is controlled within the planning objectives, including budget, planning, control, adjustment, accounting, analysis and other management
(4) cross-departmental communication: involving external dependence of the project, the project manager needs to solve the problems in the process of cooperation between the parties☞ warm tips: on this issue must be expressed in professional terms, so as to better reflect their professionalism. alliance of project managers

What kind of person do you think you are the interviewer to ask this question is not to understand you so simple, more is to know your strengths and weaknesses, see if it matches the job interview.

Minefield Answers

(1) talk about the occupation is completely unrelated to their own, such as usually like watching drama, playing games brush videos and so on 

(2) talk about some of their own fatal shortcomings, such as not careful enough, the concept of time is not strong, such as

(1) first from their own advantages to answer, such as: strong execution, communication skills, clear, adaptable, stress-resistant and other

(2) Turn shortcomings into advantages to explain, such as "I am not very likely to refuse, in the face of colleagues ask me to help often under the overall, before this also affects their productivity, resulting in their own often need to work overtime to complete the work."

At present, I have tried to quantify their work through multi-task management, such as logs and task management app and tomato work method, when others ask me for help, I will first see if I can pick up, can not answer the words let him find other colleagues to help project management training.

Warm tip: after speaking of their shortcomings, be sure to say some of their own improvement methods, and get some results. alliance of project managers

Reference analysis

(1) from a technical point of view, understand why this is not possible

(2) see what alternatives are available to the project manager alliance
(3) assess the impact of the alternative on the project itself, such as delays, such as if within acceptable limits, appropriate compromises often end up with a special question: "do you have any questions for me?" alliance of project managers

Don't say no, will make the other person feel that you have no interest in the current position or have no idea of their own work, you can ask

I wonder what qualities you want the candidate for this position to have?

What is the orientation of the entry department in the current business? alliance of project managers

What is the direction of the company?

In what direction do you want to go? alliance of project managers and so on these issues, more conducive to our access to information, understanding the state of the business. alliance of project managers finally, bless you who are looking for a job or are ready to find a job, interview smoothly, find a satisfactory job.

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