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Project manager competency feature mode

The project manager competence characteristic model is divided into two dimensions: ability quality and personality characteristics, which are composed of four first-level indicators and 11 competence characteristics: general management ability, post special ability, professional skills and personality characteristics.

The construction project manager is the authorized entrusting agent of the legal representative of the enterprise in the construction project, appointed by the legal representative, and the whole process and comprehensive management of the project implementation are carried out. the project manager is the core talent of the construction enterprise in the project management, which plays a key role in the success or failure of the project, and the ability quality of the project manager in a construction project often directly determines the safety, quality, progress and efficiency of the project. how to select, appoint, train and motivate project managers scientifically and effectively has become a problem that must be solved in the promotion of enterprise management.

The basic situation of the project manager team

The basic status quo. take a large construction enterprise as an example. as a domestic bridge construction-oriented large-scale engineering company, the annual construction capacity of more than 30 billion yuan. to date, the company's headquarters and subordinate enterprises have a total of 228 on-the-job project managers. in terms of age structure, the average age of 42.58 years, 36 to 45 years of age is the main age group, a total of 128 people, accounting for 56.14% of the total number, the common characteristics of this group is more energetic, able to accept new things, quick thinking and analysis of problems; from the point of view of academic structure, bachelor's degree mainly, accounting for 82.89 percent of the total number, with a better theoretical foundation. from the job title structure, with senior and above titles have 119 people, accounting for 52.19%, with better business ability and good qualifications. according to the construction certificate, 119 people held the qualification of first-class builder, accounting for 54.82%.

First, the overall quality needs to be improved. most of the existing project manager talent team of enterprises are in the 80's and 90's to participate in the work, in practice exercise out of the traditional, experienced project manager, lack of long-term training objectives and systematic professional training, know the technology, can operate, good management, professional and professional degree of higher composite project manager talent is not much. some project managers are outstanding in production management, but the rational allocation and play of people, finance, materials, information and other elements in the project management process is not enough, the allocation of resources lacks cost awareness and market-oriented concept, and lacks management theory, management skills and coordination ability, resulting in a large difference in the effectiveness of the work. some project managers have relatively rich experience in management, but they are older, lack modern management concepts, and are difficult to adapt to the increasing requirements of project management.

second, the rate of licensed induction needs to be improved. the qualification of builder is the basic condition for project manager to take up his post. the regulations on the administration of registered builders promulgated by the ministry of construction clearly require that, as of february 28, 2008, a person who has not obtained the certificate of registration and the seal of practice of a builder shall not be the project leader of a construction unit for a large or medium-sized construction project. at present, the enterprise has a first-class builder qualification of 372 people, indicating that there are still "licensed" and "on-the-job" "two skins" phenomenon. in recent years, with the increasing supervision of the construction market by the government, the owners' qualification and performance requirements for the project manager are more stringent, which has raised the entry "threshold" of the project manager position to a certain extent. enterprises currently project manager reserve team reached 272 people, the overall size is larger, but the construction of qualified personnel only 25%, there is still a lot of room for improvement.

Third, the management mechanism is not perfect. project manager as the agent of enterprise legal person in the project, the project person, financial, material and other aspects have full deployment rights, how to effectively strengthen supervision, to ensure that the project manager to perform his duties, is an important part of the construction of the project manager team. at present, enterprises in the selection and appointment of project managers, to the traditional organization of deployment-oriented, lack of effective mechanism for competitive induction. 


In the project manager assessment and supervision, the lack of effective accountability mechanism, resulting in some project managers with experience, do not pay attention to learning new ideas and new knowledge, extensive management, resulting in project operating losses, to the credibility and efficiency of enterprises caused undue losses. in terms of incentive mechanism, mainly take the way of base salary plus project appraisal, lack of long-term effective institutional measures, the incentive and restraint means of project manager mainly rely on the form of risk mortgage, can not effectively restrain some improper behavior of project manager.

Fourth, the degree of professionalism is not enough. in the enterprise project manager team, the two-level leadership team members or the head of the functional department of the organization at the same time as the project manager occupies a certain proportion, the proportion of full-time project manager is less. 


At present, the two channels of enterprise staff administration and technical development have matured and complete, and career development channel has not been established, over the years, due to the lack of systematic planning of the project manager's career, the project manager career promotion channel is not smooth, coupled with the traditional "official standard" thinking, so that some project managers are more keen to take the administrative channel, not at ease with project management, the tendency of administrative post development is outstanding, often one or two projects after the achievement, thinking of high-level administrative position development. limited by the number of administrative positions, the project manager promotion channel appears "thousands of troops across the single wooden bridge" situation, 


In the face of career development of the "ceiling", some project managers have a negative mood, work too much or lack of passion. at the same time, due to the rapid development of peer-to-peer competitive enterprises in recent years, the instability of the project manager team is also increasing, excellent project managers are facing the risk of loss, which is not conducive to the professional construction of project managers.

The project manager is competent for the feature model

Facing the changing market situation, how to improve professional quality, professional skills and management philosophy with the enterprise strategy, how to effectively train a professional project manager team, how to select the project manager reserve to adapt to the future development of the enterprise from among the young employees, these problems have become the problems that the enterprise human resources development and management need to solve. in 2012, a research team led by professor Smith university of economics, political science and law carried out a project manager competence model study on the enterprise, with a view to providing theoretical support for effectively solving these problems.

Competence characteristics are "the potential characteristics of individuals who can distinguish between those who have excelled in a job (or organization, culture) and those who perform well, which can be motivations, traits, self-images, attitudes or values, knowledge in a particular field, cognitive, or behavioral skills - characteristics of any individual that can be reliably measured or counted and that can distinguish between excellence and general performance". at present, the method of constructing the competent characteristic model usually includes the method of job analysis, questionnaire, expert meeting and 360 degree feedback, but the most effective method is the behavioral event interview method . 


Professor Smith led the research team is using this method, the research team and enterprise 4 executives, 12 project managers interviewed, using behavioral event interview method  to collect data, determine the stability of the competent characteristics to establish a model, the use of expert weighting method to determine the weight, and 37 project managers reserve comprehensive assessment.

The team integrates and integrates the competence qualities obtained from the interviews, will appear more times in the behavior event interviews, and can incorporate the competence qualities of the outstanding performers and the performance generalists into the model, and finally test the project manager's competence quality model through the form of expert group discussion, and obtain the final project manager competence feature model. it is divided into two dimensions: 


Ability quality and personality characteristics, which are composed of four first-level indicators and 11 competence characteristics: 

General management ability, post special ability, professional skills and personality characteristics. 

Among them, the general management ability includes the three competent characteristics of organizational cognition, pragmatic rigor and executive power, which are refined according to the industry attribute and enterprise culture angle, the special ability of the post includes the four competence characteristics of project control, project insight, communication and coordination, flexible response, which are refined in combination with the duties of the post, the professional skill includes the business knowledge of 1 competent feature. 


Which is refined with full consideration of the needs of the post, and the personality personality includes the three competence characteristics of perseverance, principle and innovation. it is designed according to the personality characteristics required for the position.

The project manager development exploration

The construction of the project manager's ability quality model not only takes into account the past experience and characteristics of the successful project manager of the enterprise, but also reflects the new requirements of the macro environment such as organizational strategy to the manager, and is an evaluation guide summarized the successful behavior and ability elements of the project manager with long-term comprehensive performance. therefore, the project manager competence feature model should be applied to the selection and appointment of project manager, talent training, assessment incentive.

Strengthen the project manager back-up classification training. to build a high-quality team of project managers, we must have a sufficient number of high-quality project manager reserve talent as the basis. 


First, we should strengthen the qualification examination to collect evidence and expand the number of builders. 


We will improve relevant incentive policies and encourage qualified personnel to take an active part in the qualification training examination. especially for those who are currently in the position of deputy project manager but do not have a certificate, choose people with certain development potential to focus on training, consciously arrange them to large projects, difficult projects on the exercise, in the accumulation of project management experience at the same time encourage them to participate in the first-level builder qualification examination, and give pre-test participation in intensive training opportunities to improve the pass rate of the examination. 


Second, we should strengthen the targeted training of reserve talents. for those who have obtained a construction certificate but do not currently serve as project managers, according to the job and their own quality selective training supplement, with project management potential, high quality personnel, according to my will to systematically adjust to the project deputy manager, project manager assistant and other positions for training, can not evolve into "for the examination and verification." 


After all, obtaining the construction teacher's practice qualification is not the whole content of the project manager's post, but also needs to carry out the corresponding post's vocational training and practical exercise, improve the actual ability of project project management, the potential training object should be arranged from small projects, step by step, a step by step, forming a "" glyph development channel.

Focus on project manager quality capacity-building.


As the first person in charge of the project, the project manager has direct responsibility for the planning, organization and implementation of the project, and his personal quality ability has a decisive influence on the success or failure of the project management.

First, to train project managers with good social and personal character. personal moral quality determines the individual's code of conduct, with a high sense of social responsibility project managers can effectively ensure the unity of corporate interests and social interests, in the face of various interests in engineering projects, good quality can avoid corruption, power for personal gain.

Second, we should cultivate the comprehensive management level of the project and the thinking ability of the system. modern project management has developed into a discipline, the relevant knowledge constitutes the project management knowledge system, requires the project manager to have a broad understanding of the content of the system, through learning to find the law of project management. project management is a systematic project, which requires the project manager to have the quality of comprehensive control and coordination to solve complex problems and improve the level of comprehensive management. we should pay attention to the project manager's decision-making ability, planning ability, organizational ability, coordination ability, risk management ability, motivation ability and interpersonal skills.

Third, we should cultivate the project manager's spirit of innovation. project has unique characteristics, project managers in learning theoretical knowledge, absorb past experience at the same time, only continuous innovation, breakthrough ideological one-sidelines and limitations can be achieved with the times, adapt to project development, and constantly improve the level of project management.

Fourth, we should develop the project manager's communication ability and have the team leadership ability. project managers should lead by example, make good use of people, and attract team members to work together to achieve the project goals. 


Create a good working atmosphere for the team, give subordinates the appropriate pressure, let them know their intentions clear work objectives, become the project manager's left arm and right arm. good communication with project stakeholders, in order to complete the task can be flexible to deal with all aspects of the relationship, to the operation of the project to create a favorable internal and external relations, to obtain broad support, reduce resistance.

Fifth, we should cultivate a high degree of responsibility. strong sense of responsibility is the most important criterion for a good project manager. project manager's authority is very large, at the same time to assume the responsibility of re-symmetry, only serious and responsible for the work, dare to meet the difficulties of the project manager in the scope of the authorization of the enterprise legal person to carry out a comprehensive, full process management, complete the management responsibility objectives, on behalf of the enterprise to the owners to assume full performance obligations and accept the supervision and guidance of the government, owners and supervisors.

Improve the project manager management mechanism. 


We should establish and improve the project manager management mechanism which is suitable for the modern enterprise system, and comprehensively improve the project manager's ability and level of performance of his duties. 


First, we should improve the project manager selection mechanism, form a competitive mechanism within the enterprise, implement the project manager management performance file, establish the project manager information database, record the project manager's personal data, project performance and appraisal results and sort the results, according to the characteristics of the project call database information for resource integration, comprehensive evaluation to select matching candidates, improve the project manager selection and appointment of targeted, scientific. 


Second, we should establish an appraisal and evaluation mechanism, adhere to the daily assessment and special assessment, annual assessment and mid-term assessment, democratic evaluation and performance appraisal combined to fully understand the project manager's comprehensive quality, business ability, integrity and self-discipline and other aspects of the situation. 


Third, we should carry out the comprehensive evaluation of project management, based on the "project economic responsibility letter" signed by the project manager and the enterprise leader, formulate scientific and reasonable management indicators for the comprehensive management, quality management, safety and civilized construction management, duration management, cost management, etc., establish a fair, fair and real-time evaluation system, and carry out systematic and objective analysis and evaluation of the work objectives, implementation results and cost-effectiveness of the project at different stages, so that the enterprise leader can accurately understand the project manager's work dynamics. 


Correct the problems in the implementation of the project in a timely manner, so that the project management is in a controlled state. at the same time, enterprises must be in accordance with the "project economic responsibility" of the award and punishment agreement in a timely manner, strict reward and punishment, no discount, fully mobilize the enthusiasm of the project manager, improve creativity, so that it can play the greatest effectiveness in the work.

Promote the professionalization of project managers. the existing talent training model of the enterprise is to gradually select the outstanding project manager to the administrative leadership position, resulting in the ability and performance of the outstanding project manager can not "sink" to the project management line, can not achieve the benign management of the project, to a certain extent, restrict the sustained and healthy development of the enterprise.

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