Saturday 4 December 2021

Project management skills & colleagues mutual bonding

In the workplace work, we often encounter unclear division of labor, in the face of the vague boundaries of responsibilities, it is easy to create differences, resulting in contradictions.

How can we avoid such a situation?

The author shared his project management skills and made some suggestions for the unclear division of labor.

In the workplace, for example, when a leader assigns a job, the boundaries of responsibilities are blurred, and in gray areas where responsibilities are not clear, there is often a push between colleagues at the level or across departments, or they are left to others.

At this point, as one of the participants, you will silently receive the original does not belong to their own work of additional work, selfless dedication at the same time everyone will feel that this is your natural work, or insist on fighting back, so that they from a very passive position into an active position?

For example, the last week has experienced a few times let me fall into a very passive and laborious thing, suddenly one day received a leader distribution of a job:

Let me be responsible for all open-screen launch page scheduling and management on the app, and open-screen work actually involves departments and personnel on the super complex, including operations, products, but also including design and data team and other departments, need to communicate with colleagues at the level, but also need to communicate across departments, as for specific work responsibilities, leadership also did not make specific, Clear division.

In the past, the open screen work is the corresponding project leader put forward the need for open screen, and then provide open screen content information to the design, and then by the designer to unified drawings and uploads, now suddenly by me to take over, then feel that my role is really super redundant, external, i do not know the specific details and information of other projects, internal, i will not design.

On the first day of taking over the open-screen job, i hit a nail, when i was in charge of another colleague in the operations department project open screen, when i told him the specific opening date, let him prepare the corresponding open-screen poster, he was very upset, think that the preparation of the poster should be my full-time job, he did not participate in and did not mean to prepare.

in addition, because the company is a multinational company, there are two design team, when looking for one of the design team, the two design team pushed each other away, said that they have other very busy things to deal with, more infuriatingly, when the designer went to this colleague to specific project copy, the colleague pointed directly to me said: copy to find her want, she is solely responsible for opening the screen! ”

However, the specific situation is what, because i am not the project leader, i do not know the specific information on this project, not to mention what kind of copy is appropriate.

Because i was in a level relationship with everyone, all colleagues do not listen to me, and their unwillingness to cooperate with my work, i was very passive that day between the project leader and the designer, i need to find the project leader to specific design needs, and then find the designer to pass on specific needs, is there a tool person or a middleman like this colleague? and everyone agrees that this is what you deserve to do!

At the end of the day, i was actually super angry and grumpy, kept my negative emotions under control, thinking why would leadership give me such an extra role? of course, such a day did not last long, the third day i used some project management skills, so that their very passive position into active position.

First, on the responsibility is not clear, must find the leadership to divide clear responsibilities

for example, in the open screen link, because there are two design teams, we are all shirking responsibility for each other, so, the next day, i directly looked for the boss, let the boss designated one of the team dedicated to open screen design, so that the follow-up will not have anyone to design the screen, we shirk the responsibility of each other.

For my peers who don't work together, i've divided into five pieces to solve my troubles:

Standardization of open-screen workflows

An open-screen workflow is nothing more than these steps:

Submit the opening request one week in advance, and make a schedule

Specification of open-screen requirements of the template: for example, the project leader has the corresponding open-screen needs, must be according to the following templates to propose the corresponding needs:

  • Provides the project name and the time corresponding to the project
  • Rewards or highlights of the project
  • Past design content related to this project
  • The poster copy that the project leader wants to adopt
  • Supervise the project leader to prepare the opening poster in advance

Timely feedback on the progress of the opening screen, for example, upload the open screen to the object's project leader to say, keep the information in sync. I've done a standardized process and sorting out all the details i've encountered during the open-screen process so that i don't forget something.

Build a group

After clarifying the standardized process, i pulled all the relevant staff, including designers and project needs, into a group, and when the project leader had the need, communicated directly in the group, so that i avoided becoming a middle-of-the-road tool.

Please lead the town


This key node is very important, the leadership in the group has 2 benefits, the first benefit is to see you in the due diligence to promote the overall project progress, in addition, there is a benefit, in the leadership eye, if you follow up properly, under the pressure of the leadership, those who do not cooperate with the work of the rank colleagues will also actively cooperate, after all, who do not want to show their weight in front of the leadership side.

Clarify job responsibilities and publish group rules and specific content


When all members are assembled in the group, then it is necessary to publish specific division of labor standards and specific standardized processes, who is responsible for what work content in the group have made specific announcements, and let everyone follow the process to go, to avoid each other.

Timely feedback and follow-up in the group

for example, i will be based on the schedule, in advance to let the project leader near the scheduling to prepare materials, in addition, if on the open screen, will also be in the group timely notification and feedback, to ensure that the entire process transparent and open.

After completing the above steps, I've moved away from the previous tool man and middleman status, greatly improving efficiency while not having to push and tear each other directly with colleagues. the leader will also feel that my project management is well organized.

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