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Project management of the owners during the implementation phase


The implementation phase of the project" abstract: project management of the owners in the implementation phase of the project is part of the project management, it also includes the decision-making plan, organization, coordination and control of the general management is well known to the general management of the five functions, the key to the success or failure of project management is to seriously two words, as long as the determination to implement, will be able to successfully complete the task of project management. 

keywords: project management; organization; planning; implementation; control

The project management of the owners in the implementation stage of the project is an integral part of the construction project management. according to china's capital construction procedures, the construction project construction procedures are divided into six stages, namely, the project proposal stage, feasibility study stage, design stage, construction preparation stage, construction implementation stage and completion acceptance stage. 


If construction project management refers to "the systematic and scientific management activities such as systematic planning, decision-making, organization, coordination and control with the theory, viewpoint and method of systematic engineering during the life cycle of the construction project. 


So as to achieve the construction goal successfully according to the established quality requirements, time spent, total investment, resource constraints and environmental conditions", the project management of the owners during the implementation phase of the project can be described as: 


In the implementation phase of the project, the project department and project management personnel of the owners shall, in accordance with the requirements of the relevant laws, regulations and technical specifications of the construction of the project, mobilize all aspects of comprehensive resources in accordance with the signed contract for the project. 


The contract for project supervision, other contracts and contractual documents, and conduct a comprehensive control of the management process of the project's objectives in terms of quality, progress, investment and other aspects from commencement to completion.

Process of project management 


Establishing a project management organization

The boundary conditions for project management are: the project contract has been signed, the project task has been clear, the supervision engineer has been selected, and other relevant conditions have been met.

Since the main body of project management is the project department headed by the project leader (project manager), the first step in project management is to establish the project management organization- project department. the establishment of the project department includes the following: select a competent project manager (project manager) in an appropriate manner.

In accordance with the principles of project organization and the content of the work, the project management agency (project department) is set up to clarify the division of labor and responsibilities of each department.

Select the project manager according to the needs of the work.

To formulate the job responsibilities and work standards of project managers at all levels. Develop a project management process and clarify the authority of project managers at all levels.

According to the needs of project management, the development of project management system and management methods. if the higher authorities have relevant rules and regulations should also be observed.

Project management planning project management planning is a programmatic document for project organization. 


Content, methods, steps and priorities to make specific arrangements, including: making a list of project management work and classifying the work. the method of classification depends on the characteristics of the project and the personnel situation: if the project is more complex, and the professional division of labor boundaries of project managers are more clear, can be divided by article, if the project is relatively simple, project managers are mostly composite talents, both technical and economic and management, can be divided by block. 


But in practice, people tend to use a block-by-block combination approach, which is considered to be more effective management.

Put all the work into practice. project management needs to be done by all project personnel, each person should have specific work. the objectives, procedures, depth, standards, time and quality of the work should be clearly defined.

Establish a project management system, draw a project management system diagram and project management system flow chart. prepare project management plan, determine management priorities and difficulties, select appropriate management tools and methods, form written documents to facilitate implementation.

Specific implementation of project management. 


The object of project management is the supervising engineer, the supervising engineer is the sole site construction manager of the owner, to ensure the uniqueness of the project management instruction, the project management personnel generally can not go beyond the supervision engineer to issue instructions directly to the contractor or accept the contractor's opinion, the project management personnel's opinion and decision-making should be carried out through the supervision engineer.

Therefore, the implementation of project management is the management of supervisory engineers.
be familiar with the contract. contract is the fundamental law of project management, leaving the contract can not talk about project management, therefore, the project management personnel's first task is to be familiar with the contract, grasp the actual situation of the project.

Supervise the supervision unit to scientifically set up the supervision project management agency according to the needs of the construction of the project, formulate the supervision project management plan and supervision work implementation rules, and discuss specific problems with the supervision engineer.

Discuss engineering construction issues with supervisory engineers and contractors.

Commissioned supervision engineers to carry out the overall management of the progress, quality, investment and other matters of the construction project.

The work of supervision engineers is effectively supervised and managed by means of spot checks, data analysis and information processing.

To investigate and study the important and key technical difficulties and economic problems in the construction of the project, and to implement them into the construction of the project through the supervision engineers.

According to the actual situation of project construction, we will constantly adjust, supplement and improve project management planning, rules and regulations and management methods to meet the needs of project construction.

The end of project management the completion acceptance and summary of the project project is an important stage of project management. 


Although the project has been completed, but the project management has not ended, under certain conditions, this phase will even take longer than the construction of the
project. the objective of this work is to summarize and evaluate the results of the project, settle the debt and debt to the outside world, and end the transaction relationship.

Its contents are: organize or entrust the supervision engineer organization to complete the preliminary inspection. organize or commission supervising engineers to organize trial operation.

Organize or entrust the supervision engineer organization to formally complete the acceptance. the supervising engineer is required to deal with the remaining problems of the project. organize for the transfer of the project.

Handle the final accounts for completion and pay the quality deposit.

Make a project management summary. The project management summary includes three aspects: technical summary, economic summary and management summary. the technical summary should explain the effect of the new process, new materials, new equipment, new methods and quality assurance measures adopted in the project construction. 


The economic summary mainly compares the improvement and decrease of economic indicators from both horizontal and vertical aspects, and the management summary includes the construction management system, organization, resource allocation, rules and regulations, management methods, and experience and lessons learned. the project department disintegrates and the personnel are transferred to the post.

Content of project management the content of project management is varied and summarized in the following aspects: contract management, quality control, investment control, progress control, information management and other aspects of management.

Although the project management and contractor's project management of the owner's project management and supervision are the same, there are strict and clear differences in management methods, management means, management depth and specific work. only by understanding this difference can we do a good job in project management.

Contract management contract management should be said not to be a specific part of project management. 


The reason why it is listed here is because the status of the contract in project management is so important, leaving him, project management is impossible to talk about. contracts are the basis of project management.

Be familiar with the contract. project managers should be familiar with the contract, including contract agreement, supplementary agreement, technical terms, commercial terms, memorandums, tender notices and all other documents considered to be part of the contract, and conduct in-depth and detailed study of the contract, the key terms of the contract, existing loopholes and areas that may change and cause disputes in mind. 

Establish a strong sense of contract. the status of the owner and the contractor is equal before the contract. on the one hand, project managers do not pressure contractors to accept off-contract conditions, on the other hand, they should be wary of contractors planting traps in the implementation of projects. when a contractor makes a variety of recommendations, the first thing to think about is to comply with the contract and to fully estimate the economic implications of adopting the recommendations.

During the implementation phase of the quality control project. 


The owner's project department shall carry out a variety of work, control and supervise the quality of the project, generally speaking, review and confirm the contractor's quality assurance system, quality control of inbound materials and equipment, supervision planning, supervision and implementation rules, and supervision and inspection of the daily supervision work of the supervising

The contractor's quality assurance system is reviewed and confirmed. focus on checking whether the contractor has established a quality assurance system, whether the quality assurance system is certified by the certification unit, whether there are clear quality objectives and plans, and whether the quality assurance system is effective.

Quality control of engineering materials. check whether the contractor has developed a material inspection and inspection system in accordance with the provisions of the design drawings and the requirements of the contract, and strictly control the purchase order of materials, the entry of materials and the use of materials in practice.

Quality control of production equipment. including the production equipment procurement order quality control, production equipment processing and production quality control, production equipment assembly and commissioning quality control and the formation of production capacity assurance rate and other links.


Review of the regulations for the supervision of planning and supervision work. the will of the owner should be realized by supervising the engineer. The quality of supervision work is directly related to the quality of supervision planning and supervision work implementation rules.

Always in-depth site understanding of the situation, while the supervision engineer's day-to-day supervision work supervision and inspection. particular emphasis was placed on site investigations with problems.

Investment control the project department has a very important responsibility for the investment control of the project. 


As the project department is concerned with the source of the problem. the content of the project department's investment control is mainly to review and approve the progress within the scope of the contract, process changes and claims, that is, to manage the "project implementation control price".

Review and confirm the statistical monthly report made by the contractor reported by the supervising engineer, report it to the higher department, and check regularly whether the actual completion of the project and the supervision report are in line. this mainly refers to the completed project volume and project quality audit, if necessary, you can ask the measurement center, test center inspection, confirmation.

Research supervision engineers after the review of the contract changes and related claims report, responsible for verifying the project, reasons, quantity, construction conditions, and then put forward preliminary opinions to the relevant departments for review and approval. it should be emphasized that the project department should expressly supervise the engineer, in response to the contractor's contract changes and related claims. 


The supervisory engineer must communicate with the project department and reach agreement before submitting a review opinion. otherwise, there will be the possibility that the project department will reject the opinion of the supervising engineer, which will not only reduce the prestige of the supervisory engineer, but also bring confusion to the project management. 


Any contract changes and claims must be based on words. Review the final accounts for completion and report them to the relevant departments at higher levels for approval.

Progress control progress control refers to the project implementation phase of the work content. 


Work order, duration and the relationship between the work, such as planning and implementation, and then in the implementation of the plan to check whether the actual progress is carried out according to plan, once found that deviations appear, should be based on the analysis of the reasons for deviations to take effective measures to remove obstacles or adjustments.

Modify the original schedule before putting it into practice, so that the cycle, until the completion of the project, delivery and use of the process. the ultimate goal of progress control is to ensure that projects are enabled or delivered ahead of schedule. the work done by the project department in the aspect of progress control includes: preparing project management plan, studying the overall progress of the project, construction layout, major construction technology and construction problems, and making plans for the problems that may arise in the implementation of the project. develop a set of systems to regulate management to improve work efficiency.

Review and confirm the construction organization design made by the contractor reported by the supervising engineer. 


The supervising engineer is required to do a good job in the supervision planning, planning, organization design and progress control work system and the implementation rules of the progress control work, and urge the supervision engineer to implement the project implementation process.

Chair the meeting to study the problems related to the implementation of the contract raised by various parties, participate in the relevant coordination research meeting chaired by the supervision engineer, put forward timely solutions to the relevant problems related to the progress of the project and implement them through the supervision engineer, if necessary, the construction means, construction resources, construction organization up to the contract period adjustment. major issues must be reported to the higher authorities for approval.

Timely review and sign the payment vouchers for the progress of the project, reward and punish the contractor's progress according to the contract, and give additional rewards if necessary. to help contractors solve the actual difficulties in the construction of equipment, funds, etc. to speed up the progress of the project.

Information management accept reports and documents from supervising engineers.


The contents of the project management within the scope of the contract shall be reviewed and approved, and the contents other than the project management shall be reported to the higher authorities in coordination with the relevant departments and cannot be coordinated. all reports and documents should be kept or backed up for reference.

Provide monthly, quarterly and annual plans to the relevant departments for summary. Establish statistical accounts, change accounts, settlement accounts, the progress of the contract analysis and research.

Hold or participate in various coordination and other meetings to keep abreast of the project. in-depth construction site, to understand the situation on the site.

Use computers for information management and engineering management.

2.6 management of other goals security objectives. supervise the supervision engineer to do a good job of safety control, the purpose is to ensure that the project construction is not dangerous, no accidents, no personal injury or death and property damage. safety regulations, safety technology and industrial hygiene are the three main measures of safety control.

Field management objectives. scientific arrangement, rational allocation of the use of construction land, and make it with various environments to maintain a coordinated relationship. after the completion of the construction of the project, urge the relevant units to dismantle the temporary facilities in a timely manner and withdraw, in order to re-plan the use or permanent greening.

Civilized construction objectives. supervise engineers and contractors in accordance with the relevant regulatory requirements, so that the construction site and temporary land within the scope of order, civilized safety, environmental protection, green trees are not destroyed, traffic, cultural relics can be preserved, fire protection facilities are complete, residents are not disturbed, site appearance and environmental health are in line with the requirements.

Coordinate the relationship between the contractors, supervision, design, owners and local villages and towns on site to create a good internal and external environment for the construction of the project.

Discussion of several issues

Boundary conditions for project management

In the above we talked about the boundary conditions of project management are: the project contract has been signed, the project task has been clear, the supervision engineer has been selected, and other relevant conditions have been met. this is in general. in some cases, this is not the case with boundary conditions. for example, the project contract has not been signed, the project tasks need to be divided into many projects, supervision engineers have not been selected or do not need to supervise engineers, other conditions also need the project department to create. at this point, the content of project management will be expanded.

To organize or participate in the division of research projects, to organize or participate in the examination of tender design documents, to organize or participate in tenders, technical design reviews, research on major technical measures, examination of important contract documents, and contract negotiations, to enter into contracts and to organize design, supervision and contractor execution of contracts.

Organize or participate in land acquisition, demolition and site formation, complete construction water, electricity, roads and other projects, organize or participate in equipment, materials ordering.

In some small sporadic projects, project management even includes the entire process from project start-up to project completion and project supervision. however, some aspects of project management at this point may be greatly simplified.

Interface issues

In project management the interface for project management is the interval between the various parts of project management. 


There are many interfaces in project management. as far as the project department is concerned, there is an interface between the project sub-projects, between the various processes of the project, between the departments within the project department, between the project managers, between the superiors and subordinates, and between the rules and regulations of the project management. 


Externally, there are countless interfaces between the project department and the supervisor, between the project department and other departments, between the project department and the superior, between the design, between the place, between the supervisor and the contractor, between the supervisor and the design, and so on. in addition, there is a psychological interface between the units involved in the construction of the project and between the various personnel.

The existence of an interface generally presents two problems. first, the interface is blurred, between organizations, between people's responsibilities are unclear. some work no one to do, some things and many doors out of politics, out of the question of each other, resulting in inefficient project management. 


The interface is too strict, the formation of an iron curtain. information communication between organizations and people is not good, all think that there is no reason to inform the other party of their activities, do not feel that the other party has any value of information, do not think it is necessary to provide the other party with details and make the necessary explanation. 


This will result in inconsistent decision-making and command, problems can not be detected and stopped in a timely manner and many other problems, resulting in damage to quality, progress, investment. therefore, it is very important to manage the interface effectively, ensure the interface fit and the communication and supervision of the interface between the various parts of the project.

The method of effective management of interface is to establish scientific, perfect and detailed rules and regulations, which not only clarify the interface of project management, but also formulate the rules of information exchange, so that the various parts of project management form a benign interaction. at the same time, take strong means of supervision and encouragement to promote the implementation of rules and regulations. when the rules and regulations are no longer suitable for actual needs, timely change of rules and regulations rather than the destruction of the system.

Strengthen the project management team spirit, collaborative spirit of education, through education and practical work training, to comply with the rules and regulations into the project manager's conscious action.

The psychological interface of all parties involved in the construction can be effectively managed through the education of equal thought, just thought and honest thought.

Concluding remarks

The project management is not a complex and esoteric learning, but an effective way to manage construction projects.

The project management is also management, it also includes the general management of the general management of decision-making, planning, organization, coordination and control of the five functions. as with everything else, the key to success or failure of project management lies only in the word serious, as long as the iron determination to carry out, will be able to successfully complete the task of project management.

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