Thursday 16 December 2021

How to control project progress

In the course of the project, the project process must be continuously monitored to ensure that each work can be carried out according to the schedule, at the same time, it is necessary to keep abreast of the implementation of the plan, and the actual situation and the plan to compare and analyze, if necessary, should take effective countermeasures, so that the project according to the scheduled schedule, to avoid delays in the duration.

You need to do the following:

Plan to make:

developing a fit project plan is an important basis for implementation, and the process of planning is also a process of gradual refinement of the plan.

the implementation of the schedule is the first and critical step in the implementation of the plan. its work includes:

  1. Check all kinds of plans, form a strict planning assurance system. in order to ensure the realization of the duration, all kinds of plans should be prepared, the relationship between these plans is the basis of high-level planning is low-level planning, low-level planning is the concreteization of high-level planning. when implementing these plans, you should first check that the plans themselves are coordinated and that the goals are broken down and connected layer by layer.
  2. Clear responsibility. project managers, project managers, project members should be clear about their respective responsibilities and mutual economic responsibilities, authority and interests as planned.
  3. The plan to fully bottom. the implementation of the progress plan is the joint action of all the project staff, so that the relevant personnel are clear about the objectives, tasks, implementation of the plan and measures, so that management and the operational level in harmony, the plan into the project personnel's conscious action.

Progress feedback:

To understand the progress of the project, the project manager needs to make a detailed plan, which must be clear tasks, clear task leaders, clear task start and end time.

The project managers in project management can use project management tools to develop project plans.

When you use progress cats to plan projects, break down tasks as much as possible in the gantt diagram, set task start-end times, dependencies between tasks, milestones.

The project manager assigns tasks to project members through gant diagram, which automatically calculates project progress when project members complete tasks. project management tools can be clearly demonstrated, such as the percentage of project completion, and project managers can use the tools to check project progress at any time.

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