Thursday 16 December 2021

Professional thinking within the project manager of an engineering company

The project manager is the core talent of the engineering company, and the team construction of the project manager is directly related to the performance of the project contract and even the success or failure of the company's strategy. to realize the institutionalization and scientific selection and training of project manager is of great practical significance to maintain the project manager's organizational identity and team stability.

At present, the commercial ecology of many traditional industries is gradually disintegrating, the new ecology of industry development has been bred to form, and the engineering construction industry is also facing the new normal requirements of transformation and development. 


The comprehensive promotion of the "belt and road" construction has brought opportunities and challenges to engineering companies. 


Whether we can "break out" and achieve greater space for development depends to a large extent on whether you have a team of project managers who are "called to come, can fight, win". The construction of an internal professional project manager management system has become a key realistic proposition in the engineering company desk.

Model conception of professional management within the project manager

The project manager is the project manager entrusted by the legal representative of the enterprise to take full responsibility for the project. enterprise business activities are a highly specialized social activities, the entry of project managers must exist certain professional barriers, which requires the project manager must have solid professional skills, rich project experience and flexible ability to deal with project difficulties. this is both a precipitation and a new challenge. faced with different types of projects, it is necessary to re-examine the engineering environment, staffing, planning process, and even key details of the control, in a sense, the project manager is also an "entrepreneur." 


A good project manager can get the support and resources the team needs, pay close attention to the implementation of the team's work, promote team integration and mutual learning, improve team morale and efficiency, and is in fact an "entrepreneur". From "entrepreneur" to "entrepreneur" growth is a long process, three or five years or even ten years of training, a number of project management experience, countless lessons learned repeatedly precipitated summary, in order to cultivate an excellent project manager.

Based on the study of relevant literature and the combination of work practice, this paper proposes a professional management model for project managers based on individual growth and team building (illustrated).

figure project manager's professional management model project managers" development and use complement each other

project managers are not born, they are all from the practice of engineering to grow up, can be said to "use" that is, "cultivate."" the training of project managers can not be separated from the project manager's performance process, will train project managers to fully hope in university education or systematic training, often counterproductive, often educated are unable to bring troops "show talent." of course, the growth and development of project managers can not be separated from theoretical learning and experience exchange, appropriate exchange of theory and experience can allow project managers to take fewer detours.

Select qualified project managers

The selection of project managers is different from the evaluation of excellence, but also different from the selection of general administrative cadres, but based on complex and diverse project practices. project unique, different business areas, different owners, different scope of work, etc. , the project manager's qualifications put forward higher and more complex requirements, can not find a static model to identify the project manager, "learning the war in the war" is the main idea of the project manager selection and appointment.

Incentive constraints are the project manager's power source and protector

The project manager is a highly motivated person with complex motivations. whether the project manager is diligent and dedicated depends not only on the basic qualities of the individual, but also on external motivators. project manager as the core of project management, the implementation of the project process, comprehensive management, the authority is very large, if there is no standardized, effective supervision mechanism, may let the project manager self-expansion and fall into the quagmire of illegality, appropriate constraints can effectively protect the project manager.

The key point design of the professional management of the project manager of the engineering company build a career path for project managers

Engineering companies are generally "two-channel" career path, that is, production operation and administration of two professional directions. "de-administration" is an important idea of the professional management of project managers, in order to make project managers grow on the job, they must have a clear growth ladder, and project managers at different stages, in the enterprise should have the same or even higher treatment as administrative management.

The lack of social incentive mechanism leads professional and technical personnel not to take project management as the choice of objectives for their own professional positioning, but also difficult to establish a sense of professional honor.

Clear promotion channel:

The implementation of the "four channels" construction, clear project manager level, solve the cognitive concept, form identity, more dedicated to project management and management. smooth project manager professional development, clear career project manager development direction, guide project managers to project management as a lifelong career.

At the same time to achieve the integration of various career promotion channels, in the selection of cadres to give priority to outstanding performance, contribution to the project manager, attract and encourage more management, technical personnel to become project managers, to achieve the organic combination of personal interests and corporate interests.

Improve the corresponding treatment, enhance the attractiveness of professional development. Going hand in hand with the management, technical management and expert development channels is not only the "equal recognition" and recognition of various management professionals, but also lays the foundation for the importance of the project manager development channels.

Through the comparison and attention of different career development channels, we can realize the standardization, institutionalization and scientificization of the construction of professional project manager team in terms of "political treatment" and promotion treatment.

in the specific implementation, actively guide the project manager to position in the management of projects of different sizes, from the management scale and technical difficulty of the project, through their own efforts and organizational training gradually grow into can manage the scale and technical difficulty of the project, and constantly improve management efficiency, expand profit-making space, rather than eventually out of project management to administrative positions.

Determine the criteria for class and scale classification of projects

The project manager ladder is associated with the size and corresponding number of projects completed by the project. according to the development course of the enterprise itself, the engineering company should consider the project category, market distribution, contract amount, implementation difficulty and other factors to build a matching relationship between the project scale division and the project manager ladder division.

As the organization and implementer of engineering projects, the project manager not only needs solid theoretical knowledge of project management, but also has rich practical experience, strong organizational leadership, strategic decision-making, comprehensive coordination, team building and ability to solve practical problems. project type and scale, you can choose the appropriate project manager to serve, one is to effectively complete the project, while providing the project manager experienced "battleground" to achieve the effect of training.

Improve the project manager management mechanism

The management of the project manager shall include, but is not limited to: qualification, post appointment, promotion training, performance appraisal reward and punishment.

The implementation of qualification management, "evaluation and separation of employment."

The project manager needs to confirm the qualification before taking up the post, and the project manager with the corresponding qualification can preside over the corresponding level of engineering responsibilities.

The project final accounts are relatively closed, and the project manager's income is linked to the project income of the host project. to reflect the value of the project manager's position, the salary distribution should take into account the performance factors such as the annual budget appraisal of the project, the completion appraisal of the project and the realization of the project manager's responsibility system. the evaluation of project manager, at present, many companies have not established a unified project manager post professional evaluation standards, the selection and appointment of project managers and evaluation management mechanism is not sound enough.

Improve the exit mechanism. in order to ensure the effective operation of the professionalization mechanism, it is necessary to establish the project manager's demotion, level exemption management mechanism. after the completion and acceptance of the pre-ordered project, appropriate normal renewal period shall be set up to encourage the project manager to actively seek and actively invite the new project to undertake, and in the event of no new job appointment, safety quality accident, non-conformity of contract performance or other legal prohibition during the follow-up period, the downgrade or level exemption shall be implemented in a timely manner.

At present, the incentive and restraint means for project managers are mainly to take risk mortgage, loss-making project reappointment restriction, demotion and economic punishment and other negative ways. these measures can not effectively restrain some improper behavior of project manager, we must establish and improve the project manager management system, establish a scientific appraisal and evaluation system suitable for the professional requirements of project manager, appointment and removal procedures and incentive and restraint mechanism, form project manager rules and regulations and behavior norms, ensure the enthusiasm and purity of the project manager team, and promote the healthy development of project manager professional construction.

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