Friday 10 December 2021

Production layout

The production layout is referred to simply as "Productivity layout". also known as "production configuration", "production distribution" . 


The spatial distribution and combination form of productivity within a country or region, that is, the spatial combination form of productivity elements in which it exists and develops in a certain region. the geographical distribution of the elements of social productivity, the form of spatial combination and the economic connection between regions exist and change with the existence and development of the production of social material materials, which has relative stability and continuity, and is a complex material process. 


The conditions of space-time are inseparable. the meaning of production layout is static and dynamic. static production layout, commonly referred to as "production distribution", is the result of the previous production layout and the basis and starting point of future production redistribution. 


Dynamic production layout, refers to the re-layout of productivity, belongs to the scope of planning, planning; it is counterproductive to the production distribution of the fiat accompli, so that it changes accordingly. the production layout is also a complex material system.

The level of productivity layout

The overall layout of social productivity. 


This is the layout at the macro level. the main content is to comprehensively analyze the regional distribution of productivity in the whole national economy, its basic characteristics and problems, and comprehensively evaluate the natural resources, social and economic resources of the whole country and regions and its development and utilization of the situation and potential, research and determine the strategic development direction of the national productivity layout, demonstrate its macro-benefits, provide for the solution of the overall problems in the national productivity layout of the basic policies, ways and methods, forming a comprehensive layout of the national productivity blueprint.

Production department layout and regional productivity layout. 


This is the layout of the meso-level. the main content is to analyze the advantages and disadvantages of various departments and regions, to study and determine the development objectives. 


The main direction, the deployment of major projects, the layout of related projects or related industries around major projects or leading industries, to analyze the position of various departments and regions in the national geographical division of labor system and the basic trends of sectoral and regional links, and to form the development prospects of economic regional economic networks centered on large and medium-sized cities. 

The selection of enterprise location, which is the micro-level layout. 


The main content is to study and determine the location of enterprises, to find out the situation of adjacent enterprises around, the construction area of land resources, climate, topography, geological conditions, water, energy distance and its degree of assurance. 


The transport conditions of enterprises to contact with the outside world, enterprises to obtain a variety of production conditions and sales of various products market conditions, forecast the environmental impact of enterprise production and construction, and so on.

Layout factors

The productivity layouts vary with various layout factors. these factors are:

(1) natural factors. that is, the natural environment, natural resources.
(2) population factors. mainly refers to the number, quality and density of the population.
(3) technical factors. mainly refers to the overall level of science and technology, the technical equipment of enterprises and new technologies to master the depth and breadth of application.
(4) economic factors. mainly refers to the historical characteristics of economic development, the level of productivity development and the economic structure that has been formed.
(5) social-political factors. it mainly refers to the international and domestic political situation, national (especially regional) economic policies.

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