Wednesday 15 December 2021

How to solve the three major problems of project management

A successful project usually has three elements:

  • The elements of time
  • The time to complete faster
  • The cost factor
  • The cost of completion
  • The element of effect

That performs better when completed. these three mutually exclusive elements, like the triangular side of an equilateral triangle, are missing one side, or either side is shorter than the other two sides, and we can no longer call the triangle an equilateral triangle. In my experience, if you do only one of these three elements, this kind of project is good, 8 percent, 90 percent or more managers can probably be competent and happy.

If you want to do two of the three elements, it is not the average manager can do it. Proportionally, i don't think the manager who can do any of the above three elements will be more than 50 per cent. a master who can really do all three major needs in a project, at most less than ten out of a hundred managers. Someone who listens to me say that may be unconvinced that i am a little alarmist, that they do not understand my intentions. my intention is only two points:

First, the elements of project success, the relationship between each other is fish and bear's paw. second, the difficulty to take into account is to rise according to the geometric series rather than by the arithmetic series. Such a triangular problem, how do we solve it? i think we should start from two aspects.

If i am a project manager, be sure to ask: what is good? what is fast? what is cheap? in project management, good is good, bad is not good, there is no subjective or objective difference, there is no express or implied problem exists. When it comes to a good definition in project management, the first condition is to see if it works. useful and useful are two different things. a lot of things that can be used are not necessarily useful, which involves the question of objective value.

I have a swiss watch, is the kind of very expensive, a lot of imitations of that kind. Because to move, it will be chained, do not move it, every once in a while stopped. i later became annoyed, changed an electronic watch, the price is only a few dozenths of the price of that swiss watch, not only do not have to chain, play ball, bath also lazy to take it off, and it is night clear.

You think these two tables are better?

I can tell you very frankly, because the latter is more useful, the latter is better. therefore, in project management, the definition of good is useful rather than useful. A good second condition depends on whether it achieves the desired goal. 


If the goal is to move, the car is better than the bicycle, if the goal is to exercise, the bicycle is better than the car. in everyday life, you are asked to buy apples, and as a result you buy oranges back. apples and oranges are not the same, but they may barely get mixed up.

In project management, if you want apples, delivery turned into oranges, this can not be considered a successful project. to avoid this error, the project manager must first clarify the specifications of the project results when designing the project. There is no basis for saying that everything you want should be written down. 


When i deliver, if i give you something written on the specification, i'll give you a good thing. From the definition of "good" project management, simple, useful things are "good" things. 


 A good third condition, in addition to being useful and useful, is also malleable and scalable. The former indicates its function and can be changed if necessary. the latter means that in time, it is not only durable and scalable. expansion is more important than plasticity. If the design of a set of computer practical software, in the development of the completion of the line soon, can not meet the company's new business needs.

The design of this system project is enough to be called a good project?

Of course, the needs of the future may not be what can be expected at present, and it is certainly wrong to sacrifice the needs of the present for the unpredictable future, but in any case, a good project must design a product that is easy to modify, expandable, and not immediately fail. a product that lacks this elasticity is not a good product. a project that produces inelastic products cannot be considered a good project.

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