Monday 6 December 2021

How do you do the project manager's job in a weak matrix organization?

In a weak matrix organization, the project manager is more like a coordinator or liaison, with weak power and influence.

A weak matrix organization, if you want to do a good job, you must find ways to increase your are five things to start with:

Position influence.

Through promotion, senior authorization, organizational structure adjustment and other ways to quickly deepen the control and influence of the project, pay attention to establish enough personal "soft power" to prevent project members "oral disobedience.

Professional influence.

Project managers have in-depth expertise and strong expertise to control key project difficulties and deepen control and influence over the project. this method requires a lot of time and effort to improve its capabilities and cannot be obtained quickly.

Seniority influence.

The project managers have many years of relevant experience, industry and professional understanding and rich experience, can solve a variety of complex problems, so that functional managers and project members have sufficient trust and recognition of project managers. note that experience and seniority are accumulated and cannot be obtained quickly.

Emotional influence.

By building good interpersonal relationships, project members are willing to take the initiative and volunteer to work with the project. need the project manager has high emotional intelligence and good communication skills, and personality is very important, short-term promotion is difficult.

Character influence.

The project managers create a natural sense of trust and attraction by demonstrating outstanding personal qualities such as fairness, integrity, integrity and reliability, and allow project members to work proactively and voluntarily."


If changes at the organizational level, such as organizational structure and process systems, cannot be brought about, the project manager needs to expand his influence and drive the project through these five areas."

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