Tuesday 14 December 2021

How can operators develop project process awareness and improve their competitiveness

The project management process is often involved in our work, but many people think that they do not have much to do with themselves, so they are only passive to complete the project, not subconsciously to exercise their project management skills. for product operators, how to develop their own project process awareness, improve self-competitiveness? this article reveals the answer for us.

Many small partners may have heard of the professional terms mp, npdp, acp, and have also participated in relevant course training. with the advent of vuca era, project management has become an important part of enterprises can not be ignored, huawei, jd.co., d'etera and other first-line manufacturers also because of the optimization of internal and external project management processes, open source savings, to get a good reform effect.

project management has an important impact not only on the country, but also on individuals. the project management process is common in daily life, but the vast majority of people do not have the awareness of project management, think it is unfathomable. how can product operators develop their own project process awareness and enhance their competitiveness? this article talks about two or three things about project management.

first, the common case of project management in life, you won't be unfamiliar with these scenes in your life:

in the company's dining hall, employees are from the side door, into the dining hall will divert several major dishes (spicy area, not spicy area, soup powder area, etc.), employees on demand queue to receive meals. after the meal, the order of the tableware recycling office is usually kitchen waste cans, plate area, chopsticks area, staff can quickly sort the tableware. the dining hall exit is usually close to the tableware recycling area to quickly evacuate the flow of people.

Go to the theatre to see a drama/musical, usually divided into abcdef areas according to different seating floors, each two-letter area represents the same floor, the same floor singular and double seats separate different entrances.

subway departure at some point, how many points to reach which station, how many minutes per platform stay, every second to card point to complete, in order to avoid accidents, to ensure punctual arrival.

The 2008 olympic games, which covered tens of thousands of people, were one of the most complex project management projects in itself. from the early stage of the venue construction, brand design, environmental management, accommodation, catering, culture, video music, to the opening ceremony of the entrance, speech, performance, review, to the event, awards, exit ... you can't imagine how powerful and talented the olympics manager is, so well-coordinated that it doesn't go wrong.

each company has a rigorous process for product development - the demand side first to the product manager, the product manager to assess and pass the requirements after communication with the project manager. the project manager puts the requirements into the demand pool, organizes the development and demand side to pass the requirements together and schedules the requirements, finalizes the final time nodes for each requirement, and finally enters the formal development phase.

the project management process exists in these common everyday lives, and it is impossible to imagine how life and work would be a mess without project management.

What is project management?

The project management is the process of applying specialized knowledge, skills, tools, and methods to project activities to enable the project to meet or exceed set needs and expectations with limited resource constraints.

there are three main elements of project management - time, scope, cost, checks and balances between the three. what do you mean?

how can operators develop project process awareness and improve their competitiveness?

there is a slogan called "how fast and good province", time represents the project fast and slow, scope represents the quality of the project, cost represents the project is cost savings or waste of costs. if one feature in the locked project cannot be changed, it means that both of the other two items will be affected.

to give a simple example, it would have been 2 weeks to complete a feature development, you have to develop within 1 week to complete, without adding manpower, how to ensure the completion of the task? the solution is to cut down requirements, disassemble features, first phase only on-line focus features, other features in subsequent versions of iteration.

project time, scope, cost checks and balances are too common, operations as the demand side, communication needs to clearly know which elements you can discard to ensure that demand can be on schedule.

third, what would a production and research team like without a project manager be?
many companies still don't have a project manager role, so they are prone to bad problems during product development, such as poor communication, unclear processes, inefficiencies, opaque schedules that cause projects to get out of control, long-term overtime, poor documentation, high employee turnover...

the project manager is a shepherd whose important role is to avoid and reduce this and to ensure the efficient operation of the team project.

some people say that product managers can also act as project managers, but many companies do the same now. individuals don't quite agree with this approach, why? because product managers are prone to "fake public benefits" (to move their own needs forward when arranging demand), they cannot be fair and impartial, and project management can be based on the team as a whole to make optimal management.

fourth, why should the operator understand the point of project management?
with a lot of examples of project management described earlier, you might wonder why you need to know something about project management when you're not responsible for requirements.

The project management is not only used narrowly for demand management, but also for process management and event co-ordination. operation as a person carrying the company's revenue kpi banner, need to understand the point of project management, to ensure that all kinds of operational matters in an orderly manner. for example, online and offline activities, cross-departmental collaboration, training, group building and so on."

How can the operator improve the project management capability?

operators do not need to learn all the project manager's expertise (e.g. agile development, lean kanban, srum, etc.) to draw on their best ideas for operational matters management, such as time management, personnel communication, direction control, etc. what can be done about the promotion?

1. Start by managing your own time

Time management is an important part of project management. stuck time node is to ensure that the project regular quantitative completion of the premise, operators not only will manage their own time, but also know how to coordinate the project time, strictly according to the time implementation. as:

how can operators develop project process awareness and improve their competitiveness?

2. To manage

The people are the biggest variable in a project and are often out of control. when you start to coordinate a project, whether or not management, as long as you become the project co-ordinator, you must do a good job of team personnel communication, let everyone heart to a place to make, to a place to think, mindless to devote themselves to the project, to form a better team synergy.

many people who do projects often ignore the expected management of project members and encounter artificial obstacles, which is not what we want to see.

3. Cultivate a big picture view

Many people co-ordinate projects, but simply manage the implementation level of matters, and neglect to control the general direction, which is easy to big problems.

as a project co-ordinator, if you can't tell if the project is going in the right or wrong direction, just to do it, what's the point of such a project? nine out of ten projects will be worthless, undermining team self-confidence.

4. 10-minute project morning meeting

when you start co-ordinating a project, learn that the project manager organizes a 10-minute morning meeting every morning to see how everyone's project is progressing, what problems they are experiencing, how to resolve them, whether there is a risk of delay, and so on. a 10-minute morning session will reduce your communication costs a lot.

have you ever co-ordinated a project yourself? if there is self-test, if there is no early learning, avoid stepping on the pit ha - believe me, understand the project management operators will be more valuable, time will tell you this is true!

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