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Four confirmations of project management

In order to do a good job in project management, to ensure that the quality, progress and cost of engineering projects can be effectively controlled and managed, in the implementation of project management must do the "four major confirmations."

"Four confirmations" four major confirmation refers to:

1) construction drawing review confirmation;
2) construction program review and confirmation;
3) material model and material price review confirmation;
4) The project cost (pre-settlement) review confirms.

First, the construction drawing review and confirmation drawings are the language of the project, the construction drawings are the basis for the construction of the project, the design quality of the construction drawings will have a great impact on the quality of the construction, the progress of the project and the cost of the project. 


The review of construction drawings mainly starts from the following aspects: 1) Use of functions Generally speaking, the use function of the project has been determined before the construction of an engineering project or during the feasibility study phase of the project and the design stage of the construction plan, and in the early stages of the project, it is often the executive leadership who claps the board, with very few professional personnel involved in the opinion,

When entering the construction drawing triage, it often neglects the review of the functions used in the construction drawing.

Cases of adjusting and mining the use of functionality I managed a four-star hotel project through the adjustment and mining of the use of functions, without increasing investment in the project, for the hotel's guest rooms building out of ten more standard rooms.

This is done as follows:

Cancel the floor desk and service lounge. According to the development of the hotel industry, the original floor desk has been replaced by the "hidden service" hotel room service center. Replace the waiter's lounge, which originally occupied a standard room, with a standard operating room. 

Cancel the tea room (star hotel with a warm pot has become a thing of the past), in each standard room set up mini bar cabinet, mini bar counter with electric kettle power outlet. Use one of the original tea rooms on the floor as the hotel room service center, and the rest of the original tea rooms can be used for the hotel's secondary warehouse. 

Reduce the footprint of the air-conditioned room. 


The original air-conditioning room and strong and weak electric wells and rooms accounted for a full two standard room position, through the air conditioner and strong and weak electric wells and strong and weak power distribution cabinet occupied space research, so that air conditioning and strong and weak power pipe wells arranged in a standard room. Free up a room on each floor for business standard rooms. Through the adjustment of the plan, the hotel standard rooms increased from the original 113 to 123, while adding four secondary warehouses of nearly 80 square meters; The reason for these problems is:

The overall level of domestic design units is not high.  Professional convergence and coordination Engineering design is a multi-professional comprehensive work, design is easy to ignore the problem of access to various professions, in the drawing review should be paid attention to. Such as mechanical and electrical pipeline vertical pipe wells and channels in the construction structure has been reserved, whether the location of the mechanical and electrical access gate has been reserved by decoration, the mechanical and electrical pipeline occupied space will appear a fight situation and so on.

Design weak link The reservation of maintenance space after production is a weak link in design. As I have been in a four-star hotel construction project management process (I joined the hotel's engineering project management later, when the facts have not changed the status quo) found that the room floor bathroom next to the maintenance pipe well net width of only 450 mm, this size after the completion of the project can not use this pipe well for mechanical and electrical pipeline maintenance work. In the absence of a way, only in the done wall tiles to open another access. 

Similarly, I in Beijing, another four-star hotel project construction has a similar problem, this design unit design pipe well net width of 600 mm, in order to meet the needs of future maintenance, through the fine row size of the pipe well size adjusted to 700 mm, thus ensuring the normal maintenance space in the future. Second, the examination of construction materials confirms that the construction materials constitute the main body of the construction project and a major content of the cost of the project.

The same building material quality is also a very important factor in the quality of engineering construction.

Factors to consider when reviewing building materials:

  1. Performance price ratio of materials The use of low-cost materials as far as possible to reduce the cost of the project, provided that the function, safety and appearance of the material are guaranteed. The management theory adopted is value engineering.
  2. Environmental protection of building materials With the improvement of people's living standards, people's awareness of environmental protection is getting stronger and stronger, in the selection of building materials to consider the environmental protection of materials.
  3. At the same time confirm the settlement price of materials In the confirmation of materials, to do a good job of detailed market research work, especially to do a good job of market research on material prices, when the building materials model confirmed at the same time, the price of building materials to confirm good.
  4. The localization of building materials without special requirements, as much as possible the use of domestic materials;
  5. Material supply channels and sources In the selection of materials, but also to consider the availability of building materials, its supply channels and sources can ensure the construction progress and quality of the project needs.

The review and confirmation of building materials is generally confirmed by a joint triage of materials, cost and construction technical professionals. Third, the construction organization

design plan review confirmed the construction organization design plan Construction organization design scheme is a construction unit for the construction project responsible for a large-scale construction on-site.

Is an important document in the construction process of the construction unit, if the construction unit's construction organization design programming is reasonable coupled with the construction unit is the construction site construction management is effective, the successful completion of the entire project will be guaranteed. The construction organization design scheme generally includes the following three parts: the construction unit site construction organization structure, the construction schedule of the project and the construction plan.

Reviewing the construction organization structure Organizational framework is like a human skeleton for the project management team. The organizational framework includes the following two elements: the management of the organization network and the qualifications of personnel in each position, seniority. Construction organization structure should also include quality assurance system, safe and civilized construction management system and other content. 


Reviewing the construction organization structure is the review of the first M (Men) person in the "5M" in the quality management system. People are the most active factors in productivity. It is a very important work to review the quality of the personnel in the construction organization structure of the construction unit, and it can't walk through the field sloppily. In particular, the qualification examination of the project manager should be more careful. When necessary, the relevant personnel should also be organized to inspect the project manager has managed the project, for other project managers to test their qualifications and qualifications.

Review the project schedule The contents of the project schedule shall include: the start and end date of the itemized project, the analysis of the number of workers employed in each construction sub-project, the balance curve of the labor force of each type of work, and the relevant matters that need to be coordinated by the construction unit and other relevant units. Such as the payment time of the project, the time of the line inspection line on site, the time of arrival of equipment and materials, the time of the triage of the construction drawing, the time of approval of the construction plan, and the time of the relevant professional cooperation with the construction.

General diseases existing in the project schedule Lack of a labor balance plan; Improvements Only by implementing an project as a systematic project can we achieve more with less. The way to change the general problem of the above-mentioned project schedule is to put forward the clear requirements of the construction schedule preparation to the bidding unit during the bidding process of the project.

Review the construction plan Construction program includes: 

  1. Process, step-by-step construction methods and quality requirements, quality and preventive measures, finished product protection measures.
  2. A special approach seems to be taken for the characteristics of the project.
  3. New technology, new process applications, etc. Construction scheme is an important means to ensure the construction quality of engineering projects. It is also an important M (Method) method element in the "5M" element of engineering quality management. FFor the construction program waterproof, soundproofing, structure, mechanical and electrical, environmental protection and other important projects to be strictly reviewed, for new materials, new technology, new methods better carefully examined. Fourth, the project cost review and confirmation of the project cost review and confirmation generally refers to the project budget and project settlement two aspects.

The project budget is usually carried out before the project starts, while the project settlement is carried out after the completion of the project. The cost of the project is generally the responsibility of a professional cost engineer.

The composition of the project cost From the current construction quota situation in various parts of the country, the construction cost of general construction projects, there are direct construction costs and indirect costs of the two major components. 


The cost of the project can be summed up as, "quantity, price, cost" three words. Direct fees consist of the "quantity" and single "price" of the project, while the "fee" refers here to the overhead. From the point of view of engineering "quantity", it also includes two contents: one is the project content, the other is the amount of engineering. The unit price of the direct fee consists of material, labor and machinery.

Issues to be noted in the review budget:

  1. To examine whether it is reasonable to use quota sub-items,
  2. Calculate the accuracy of its engineering volume according to the construction drawing audit period,
  3. To examine whether the unit price of labor days is calculated according to the contract and tender requirements,
  4. Whether the unit price of materials and equipment is calculated according to the unit price or cost information confirmed by both parties, and
  5. Whether the calculation of indirect costs is carried out according to the relevant cost documents. It is worth reminding here that the unit price of major materials and equipment generally cannot be used by information centers around the release of building materials cost information in the price into the budget. Because the unit price of the material published in the cost information will be higher than the market price.
  6. Review the entire calculation process and results for errors.
  7. Checking the cost index of similar construction projects in previous years is an effective way to avoid serious mistakes in this review.

Review of issues to be noted in the settlement The settlement is reviewed in accordance with the method of reviewing the budget. 

In the settlement review also need to consider the following factors: 

  1. To assess the realization of its project, according to the contract settlement price plus or minus,
  2. On-site economic negotiation procedures are complete, can enter the settlement?
  3. The site acceptance of quality completion advice. Compare whether the contract is completed according to the contract with the quality indicators or targets stipulated in the contract, and the quality completion is settled for the increase or decrease of the price.
  4. The assessment of the depletion of A supply materials and equipment, the examination of whether the consumption of A supply materials is within the scope stipulated in the contract, and the completion of material consumption is added or subtracted from the settlement price.
  5. Review and check whether Party A paid the on-site project utilities, materials, such as in the construction process, in the settlement process together. 6) Review whether there are any other deductions during the construction process.

Settlement is the embodiment of the comprehensive economic value of physical quantity, project quality, safe and civilized construction, duration, consumption and so

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