Tuesday 14 December 2021

Expense budget management system solution

Expense budget refers to the cost budget that enterprises and enterprises make for expense costs. plan ahead and then execute strictly on budget, and if it is exceeded, a special process is required for approval. 


A comparative study and analysis of the budget and implementation is carried out afterwards to provide a scientific basis for the next budget. 


Good expense budget and good execution must have a good system support, provide budgeting, approval, expense approval control, after-the-fact report analysis, support tight budget, special process approval and so on.

Second, the cost budget management system function introduction

The specific functions of expense budget management system include background configuration, budgeting, budget execution and monitoring, budget adjustment and budget query.

Background configuration

the main function of the background setting is to make the budget management system of enterprise and enterprise group headquarters in the software, and control the budget management activities of the whole enterprise and enterprise group through the rigidity of the software. a plan that is primarily used to define the overall budget, such as the age span, whether or not to roll the budget, and so on. it is also used to define the responsibility center system of budget management, users and their permissions, etc.


budgeting should reflect the budget targets through the quantitative system, and these indicators are broken down into each subordinate enterprise, each responsibility center, and even responsible person, so that the budget preparation, implementation to achieve the unity of responsibility, authority and benefit.

Budgeting includes the following.

(1) goal setting
(2) target release
(3) budgeting

The main completion of budget data collection work, can support manual entry and data interface from other existing systems such as accounting information systems,ERP systems to extract data two ways. Each subordinate enterprise shall make budget submission according to the budget indicator system of the group through the budgeting module, which includes: data entry, automatic formula calculation, data review, budget submission, budget summary, etc.

Budget approval

budget approval is a comprehensive technical review of the budget data submitted by the parent enterprise, including whether it is prepared according to the established business rules and whether the budget data is complete. at the same time, the budget submitted by the subordinate departments is summarized, compared with the overall budget objectives of the enterprise and the necessary adjustments are made, and the budget control targets are issued to the subordinate enterprises. system functions include budget multi-level approval, query budget approval status, approval processing and approval data preservation, budget approval, budget approval release, etc.

Budget execution and monitoring

The budget implementation and monitoring is mainly divided into headquarters level and subordinate enterprises two levels, headquarters level mainly to achieve the management of funds, through the data interface with the fund management system to achieve. the subordinate enterprise level is to control the specific business activities of the subordinate enterprise in real time, mainly through the data interface with the subordinate company's various business systems. therefore, the data of budget execution should be able to be imported from the relevant business system to the budget management system through the data interface. budget execution functions include data validation, data saving, providing budget execution data query by different dimensions, and providing other system integration interfaces.

Budget adjustments

budget adjustment is the adjustment of local data on the basis of retaining the original budget data. in the actual budget implementation process, there may be the need for adjustments and revisions to operating objectives.

Budget query

The budget report should be able to provide users with real-time query of budget data such as total budget, budget balance, accounting project amount, etc. according to different angles and dimensions. all budget reports should be query able by different dimensions and support reports that use escorts to customize personalization requirements.

Third, the value of cost budget management is reflected

Budget management system must realize the management of the whole process of enterprise budget assumption, budget system construction, budget preparation, budget adjustment, budget control and budget analysis, and combine closely with other business systems to provide effective tools and necessary means for enterprises to plan ahead, control in the event and analyze after the fact. the budget management system must achieve the following objectives:

  1. The provide a comprehensive budget system for enterprises
  2. Provides a variety of budgeting methods and budget data generation methods
  3. Realize budget control and budget execution analysis
  4. Different application models that support budget management

Budget management is generally divided into two application models: single enterprise and group enterprise. in order to achieve group application, the system must have the functions of budget reporting, distribution, summary, approval, support multi-unit budget query and budget analysis function, and support the direct budget control function of superior units to subordinate units.

Fourth, the cost budget management system to expand the application

1.Interface with the financial system

The budget management system is closely related to the financial ledger, and the data to be referenced in budget preparation mainly comes from the general ledger, and the actual operation information in budget execution is mainly provided by the general ledger, which needs to be taken directly from the general ledger and then budgeted. budget data can be written from the budget system general ledger, in the general ledger to achieve some of the actual business of the after-the-fact budget control.

2.Interface with the project management system

The project estimates in the project management system can be imported directly from the projects covered by the overall budget of the budget management system, thus realizing the integration of comprehensive budget management with the number budget management.

3.Interface with the production management system

In the overall budget, the main business income budget, production budget, product line budget, material detail budget, material purchase budget, can be automatically expanded in accordance with Business of Management.

4. Interface with other systems

The budget system can take out the data of other systems by taking the number formula, which generates the budget report and analyzes the budget.

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