Tuesday 14 December 2021

Equipment quality management in technical reform projects

Online technical reform projects, involving a large number of new equipment or existing equipment transformation, equipment is often the main body of the project. therefore, whether the function and quality of the equipment meet the requirements is often the key to the success of the whole project.

First of all, the scope of the project is clear, the goal of the project is clear to ensure the function of equipment, quality premise. if the scope and goal are blurred and changeable, it will cause frequent changes in the process, so that the functionality of the device may not meet the needs of the project. therefore, in the project project process must be fully demonstrated, fully feasibility study, so that the scope of the project, the goal is clearly determined.

During the equipment design phase, designers must conduct a full on-site investigation and fully understand the situation on site. renovation is different from new construction, equipment design is limited by the conditions of the scene is relatively large. 


We must fully consider the field environment, usage habits, space size, process requirements, energy media, above ground structures and other factors, any small negligence may cause major mistakes. the relevant personnel of the user side should track the equipment design throughout the process and provide as detailed as possible on-site information and technical information. 


The user should focus on the equipment required kit to put forward their own requirements. due to long-term use, maintenance experience and spare parts versatility and other factors, users will have their own requirements for equipment accessories, kit selection is reasonable, the quality of equipment has a significant impact. users should also do a good job of equipment basic design review and detailed design confirmation work, with the designer to fully communicate, optimize the design, to ensure that the equipment design meets the needs of the project.

The equipment manufacturing stage, first of all, the selected equipment manufacturers should have sufficient capacity and have a good performance of the manufacturers. if necessary, manufacturers should be organized to inspect and confirm their manufacturing, management and other capabilities. 


In the manufacturing process, the user side mainly through the intermediate inspection and factory inspection and testing to monitor the quality of equipment manufacturing, especially important equipment can of course also be sent to the site supervision. according to the manufacturing schedule, arrange for the implementation of key processes before and after the intermediate inspection, master the manufacturing situation, put forward rectification advice. 

Pre-factory inspection, necessary functional tests, to confirm that the equipment meets the demand. these are the necessary means of inspection to ensure the quality of equipment manufacturing.


Inspection of equipment, not only physical, manufacturing process inspection and confirmation, should also require the manufacturing plant to produce material-related certificates; for the problems found in the inspection, should be recorded and formed minutes, the manufacturing plant should be completed within the specified time and feedback information to the user, the user consent can be shipped.

In the implementation phase of the project, equipment on-site protection, equipment installation and commissioning, operation, etc. are all factors affecting the quality of equipment functions, only to do a good job in all aspects of work, in order to ensure the equipment intact investment, to ensure the success of the project.

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