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Project Coordinator - Functions, Responsibilities and Job

The essence of the work

The coordinator is a representative of the company, coordinating the work of other employees. Every day he has to perform many general work: take calls, communicate with clients, solve administrative and financial issues, and more. 

Organizing large specialized thematic forums, conventions and festivals, delegating responsibilities among other employees, working with the client base - and this is not all that the coordinator does. Its functions are so extensive that the following impression is created - this position will most appeal to people with natural organizational makings.

Who is the right person

A large number of people express a desire to try themselves as a coordinator. It is clear that at first this profession seems very difficult. However, having started work and gradually getting involved in the course of business, you begin to understand everything well and love your work.

In addition, this profession has many advantages, such as a good salary, and the fact that the work itself is very exciting, interesting and meaningful. However, do not think that this profession is creative. On the contrary, it is more like an exact mathematical science.

You can do this job if you have an analytical mind, a purposeful, strong-willed character, you are emotionally resilient. You also have to distinguish between the ability to command with the correct shift of duties. If all these qualities you have are present, then you should try yourself in a hold coordinator.

What you need to know

Coordinators are employees of the company, who should be aware of everything that is happening, because their awareness and correct decision-making depends on both the success of a single project and the profitability of the organization as a whole.

A professional project coordinator is the key to the success of any endeavor. He should be fluent in the following information:

Names and key characteristics of products sold;

Full product range

  • Process and basic rules for storing and selling products
  • a combination of a variety of technical and office programs that are continuously linked to the workflow.
  • Other specific information about the project and products.
  • Responsibilities include:
  • Recruitment of personnel (promoters, supervisors) to perform project tasks and his motivation for fruitful work;
  • training of the recruited team through training (where promoters explain the goals and objectives of the upcoming promotion, report the schedule and place of work);
  • organizing castings at which the client, after the staff presented a promotional speech, chooses the best to work on the project;
  • Staff schedules
  • Booking a place for a promotion if the promotion is held at a retail outlet;
  • Organizing the smooth passage of promotional staff to the workplace;
  • Receiving advertising equipment (form, racks, etc.) to the agency's warehouse;
  • Control of the consumption of advertising material and the delivery of balances at the end of the project;
  • Use and control of expenditures within the allocated budget;
  • Monitoring the timing of staff members' important assignments and their daily tasks;
  • reporting (written report, photo-report) on the results of the work done.
  • The main responsibility of the coordinator is to work with the order at all its stages.

What are the pros

The coordinator is the person who has many connections in different areas of activity, which helps to easily find a person to perform a particular task of the project.

 As a rule, the coordinator already has its own extensive base of promotional staff, so that the team for the project is recruited in the shortest possible time. This person is able to quickly highlight all the necessary or self-res looking at the necessary information. 

Perhaps even create a unique one that didn't even exist before. He develops an individual plan and contacts each leader in the direction available. The coordinator is able to immediately eliminate any problem situation that arises during the work. As well as the coordinator is full of ideas and enthusiasm to bring your ideas to life!

In summary, it was possible to define such a post as a coordinator clearly. The coordinator is the person on whom the final result of the promotion depends. He is responsible for promoting both the project itself and the product he advertises.

How to organize the relationship between the customer and the performers

КоординаторIn Russian practice, it is often believed that the project coordinator is a kind of secretary of the head of the company that initiated and financed the undertaking. That is, he is a person who does not give normal work to managers, constantly requiring them to report and papers for the chief. This job is often considered less prestigious than managerial, and does not promise serious career prospects.

In fact, the function of the coordinator assumes that he is the link between the customer and the executors. Traditionally, at least 70 per cent of the facilitated time is devoted to the initiative assigned to him.

On the one hand, it controls the implementation of the initiative and on the basis of this makes strategic decisions, on the other hand - provides all possible assistance to the team in its work aimed at the final success. If anyone tells the investor that the project manager is not doing his job and can ruin the whole thing, it is the coordinator of the initiative, who always keeps his finger on the pulse of events.

Based on the cost, complexity and importance of the project for the company, the customer can hire an employee to perform the duties of the coordinator from the outside, and can assign this function to a person with a high credit of trust, for example, his deputy or assistant. This person is given final powers on most issues and is responsible for the project along with the manager.

The Coordinator ensures that the allocated money is spent rationally and for the purpose, the tasks performed by the team were directed to a useful result for the company. 

It has the authority to give assignments regarding the progress of various processes to the manager and members of the project team, as well as to require them to be performed. Receiving information from the project manager about certain problems, he takes all possible measures to eliminate or minimize them.

There are types of initiatives that require certain skills and knowledge from their coordinators, such as:

  1. Investment initiatives (manufacturing, construction, trade) that focus on income generation;
  2. BTL - projects aimed at increasing sales (marketing communications, various promotions, conferences, exhibitions, sponsorship and loyalty programs);

  3. IT - projects that aim to create and fill websites, as well as develop a variety of software products;
    social projects that do not generate profit but improve the living conditions of people in specific territories or groups.

  4. Each group of beginnings requires specialists in their field, sometimes professionals in a narrow field, these people can become managers and organize directly all the workflows, without being distracted by external factors. 
  5. To solve more general issues, you need a person who knows how to solve problems, maintain the necessary contacts and negotiate with all parties. 

As a result, the coordinated joint work of the coordinator and the head of the undertaking provides an opportunity to combine all resources (organizational, financial, legal, personal) of the customer and team members to achieve the best end result on time and at the lowest cost.

Rights and responsibilities

To be fully and successfully able to carry out his work, the coordinator must have the following rights:

1) Coordinators are people who make money from information. Therefore, all employees of the company are obliged to share the necessary information with the coordinator.

2) The Coordinator has every right to share with his superiors his vision of the project work. He can also defend the necessary issues in his activities, seeking appropriate changes.

3) Choosing a team to work out the design tasks, selecting the relevant experts and partners.

4) Use of financial resources within the allocated budget.

But it's not just the right to have a coordinator. The responsibilities that are assigned to it can be summarized into certain functions, which are called "official duties"

What functions does

The work of the project coordinator is to perform a number of functions. The functions of the coordinator include:

1) Maintaining and concluding dealer agreements.

2) Marketing work that includes:

Collaboration with regional companies and offices;

b) Market research of target markets;

c) Participation in a variety of seminars, exhibitions, presentation of the company's products.

3) Direct customer service.

4) Regulation and control of receivables with counterparties.

5) Dealing with orders at all stages.

6) Monitoring sales volumes of both your own firm and competitors.

7) Dealing with bills, reservations, etc.

Administrative responsibilities

The project coordinator is the manager. Consequently, he has a number of administrative responsibilities. The main administrative work can include:

1) Work on the selection of the relevant personnel, the project team, as well as his motivation to work successfully.

2) Budgeting, development and cost control.

3) Strategic and tactical planning (days, months, years).

4) Compilation of reports on the facts of the work done and the results of the work.

5) Documenting the activities of the project team. Thus, the main documents that regulate the coordinator's activities include:

(a) External documentation (regulations, project standards);

b) internal documentation (Company Regulations, Its Charter, Labor Regulations, Job Instructions, etc.)

What is the difference between a technical coordinator and a project coordinator?
There are a huge number of differences between the technical coordinator's profession and the previously considered project coordinator. The position of "technical coordinator" is most often provided by car dealerships.

The main responsibilities of the person in this position include:

1) training and management of personnel;

2) Monitoring the availability and use of equipment;

3) cooperation with the maintenance service on warranty repairs;

4) paperwork;

5) technical control over the manufacturing plant;

6) Management of diagnostic equipment.

In sales

A new and dynamic profession is a sales coordinator. Who is this? And what functions does it perform?

Key Roles

Such positions are typical for trading enterprises, which are actively expanding and increasing sales volumes. The main duties of the sales coordinator include:

1) Communication with customers and internal services;

2) providing information on the range and availability of products, as well as the cost and discount system;

3) work on the admission and processing of applications;

4) reporting new products to the consumer;

5) database maintenance, as well as primary documentation;

6) Management of all stages of contractual relations, control of receivables.

General job description

The employee hired for this position is fully responsible for placing promotional models in publications and processing various financial documents. 


The coordinator must strictly adhere to the company's order of implementation of projects. It needs to control all working nuances in the information processing process. It is his responsibility to monitor the timing of staff members' important assignments and their daily tasks.

The Coordinator is a representative of the company, who knows the primary accounting, knows the law on advertising and media, is fluent in Word programs, Excel and has mastered the knowledge of paperwork. 

It is obliged to monitor the movement of money in the company, to negotiate with representatives of other firms responsible for payment of services, to conduct financial statements and to check data with accounting.координатор функции

Other responsibilities

In addition to the above, he is responsible for placing the layouts on the flatplane and monitors the timely content of the company's website. He is also in the care of coordinating the work of the commercial service. The Coordinator is obliged to resolve any problem issue that arises during the work. For each individual project, he is required to develop an individual plan and interact with all managers in a given direction.

It is also the responsibility of the coordinator to maintain the technical scheme of the event, the so-called grid. It is a huge document with color landmarks, on which all the company's services determine their tasks. 

The contract, concluded with the next customer, is considered the main document, respectively, the coordinator has to study it and know literally tooth. 

n addition, he must be informed about contractors, contacts of all responsible, estimates. Managers are usually unable to cope with such a huge amount of work, and for this they need a coordinator. This is a normal workflow of any company.координатор это


Earnings for project coordinators are largely related to experience. Moreover, project coordinators prove that they can successfully cope with projects with more demand for their services.

  • Average annual salary: $48,595 U.S. $23.36/hour
  • 10% annual salary: $69,000 ($33.17/hour)
  • Lower 10% annual salary: $35,000 U.S. $16.82/hour
  • Education, training and certification
  • A formal degree in project management is not usually required. However, most employers have a history of working in their industry for several years and, preferably, degree or certification in this area.

Education: Although there are often no special requirements for a bachelor's degree, a bachelor's degree greatly simplifies the work of candidates. A degree in communications, business, business management or other similar areas can provide the necessary skills.

Certification: Employers are looking for experience in software used by professionals in this field, so certification in PRINCE2, Microsoft Office or Primate can be useful.
How to get a job

Gaining knowledge in business and finance is profitable.


Project coordinators are usually recruited from among candidates with field experience.


Opportunities can come from success in big and big tasks to getting the opportunity as a project coordinator.

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