Tuesday 8 December 2020

Crawford Cards

There are two written versions of the brainstorming method: the direct presentation of the idea in writing and the Crawford card. 

The advantage of the first written version is that ideas are easier to put forward in a detailed and coherent presentation. This often leads immediately to meaningful and informed decisions. The disadvantage of this option is the inability to ensure the anonymity of the offers.

The second option is Crawford cards, which allows you to achieve anonymity of the participants of the event. It is often used when there are conflicts in the group putting forward ideas. Conflicts do not allow the creative, constructive nature of the assault to manifest itself.

Written versions of the brainstorming method can be implemented in two ways:

Using cards. In this case, the ideas are written on small cards and circulated among the participants so that it is possible to add related ideas or expand the previously expressed idea by adding new elements.
Using stands. In this case, the ideas are written on boards or on stands. Participants walk along these stands, as in a gallery, and add related ideas or expand on the ideas mentioned earlier by adding new elements.

The procedure for the selected written version of the brainstorming method is as follows:

As in the classic method of brainstorming, you need to start with a clear definition of the subject of the assault. Its name should be written on the board or on each individual card of each participant, if the method with cards is used.

Participants write down their ideas either on cards or on boards. 


We should try to give an accurate formulation of the idea. Otherwise, you will have to contact the author again for additional clarification.

Participants are allowed to make additions to the ideas of other authors. In this case, an additional effect is obtained from the fusion of various ideas and from the development of a previously expressed idea.
Finally, the ideas expressed are discussed orally in a group. 


It is desirable to sort all ideas into classes.

Crawford cards should be considered as a variant of the card method, when there is no circulation of cards among the participants. 


None of the forms of open evaluation of proposals is permissible. This increases the requirements for the accuracy of the formulation of the ideas expressed. Ideas are sorted into classes by a single person, often using computer programs, some of which can be found in the software market.

The final document, which preliminarily summarizes all the ideas, can already be openly discussed by the group. When agreement is reached, the developed ideas are used in further improvement work.

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