Wednesday 14 October 2020

Simple Project Checklist

Project objectives.

Intermediate results of work. Milestones. Technical requirements. Limitations and exceptions. Verify that the work is done with the client. Project objectives. The first step in defining TK was to define the main objectives to meet the needs of the client.

For example, as a result of market analysis, a computer program company decides to develop a program that can automatically translate from English into Russian. The project must be completed in three years at costs not exceeding $ 1.5 million. The next step is to determine the intermediate results of work throughout the life cycle of the project.

For example, an intermediate result of work at the earliest stage of project development can be a list of specifications. The next step may be to test the samples. The last stage may be the final test and the approved program. Intermediate stages of work usually include time, quantity, and/or cost estimates.


The checkpoint schedule reflects only the main segments of the work; it shows the first, rough estimate of the time, cost, and resource required for the project. This schedule is drawn up using intermediate outputs as a basis for determining the main segments of work and the end date.

Technical requirements.

Usually, a product or service in order to work well must meet technical requirements. For example, a technical requirement for a PC may be the ability to operate from a 120-volt AC power outlet or a 240-volt DC power system without adapters.

Limitations and exceptions.

An example of such a limitation is the collection of data by the customer rather than the contractor; what kind of house you need to build, not how it fits into the landscape, or what safety and security appliances need to be installed; what programs should be introduced, not what training should be given to staff.

Verification of the work together with the customer.

The checklist of issues of the business of the project ends with a joint check of the work with the customer.

Does the customer get what he wants in the form of intermediate results?

Does the project definition indicate key achievements, estimates, timelines and requirements for the work? W
ere limitations and exceptions being addressed? Discussion of all these issues is essential to avoid misunderstandings.


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