Thursday 28 November 2019

Make a project execution plan

When i was in project management.

By the time the project starts, we will launch the project with pre-sales during the sales stage, project estimates, proposals, personnel coordination, etc.

In order to achieve the goals of the project, it is necessary to manage the so-called QCD of "quality", "cost", and "schedule" in an integrated manner.

Of course, management after the project starts is important, but I think what I think is particularly important is the project execution plan at the time of project launch.

in the case of a large project, i think that you may make a large execution plan of about 100 pages, but even a small project can have a solid execution plan and write and share it in text or handwriting.

it also takes man-hours to develop a project execution plan.
considering "quality", "cost", and "schedule", it is necessary to consider where to make an important plan for the target project, and to carefully consider the man-hours for making a "project execution plan".

although the preface has become longer, i think the main reason why we plan the project execution is to align the "project" among the project stakeholders. project stakeholders are "orders," "sales reps," "managers," and "development managers."

when the project started "somehow", in the middle of the project, "it was not such recognition!" and "i thought so!" it may become a label. for that purpose, it is necessary to clearly describe the mover and gray parts as project execution plans, and to make awareness among the relationships at the launch stage.

if the project itself proceeds with a feeling, there will be a difference in recognition between each person in charge as shown in the figure below.

What kind of recognition do you want to recony?

it means that you will be aware of the project, but you need to align your awareness of the following:

  1. purpose
  2. scope
  3. deliverable
  4. goal
  5. stakeholder
  6. precondition
  7. system
  8. communication plan
  9. recruitment technology
  10. etc
  11. next time, i would like to write an article with an emphasis on the above "what recognition".

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