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Project Planning Sample

 Project planning sample is a discipline for stating how to complete a project within a certain time frame, usually with defined stages, and with designated resources. One view of project planning divides the activity into: Setting objectives (these should be measurable) Identifying deliverables. Planning the schedule.


There are several factors that may determine project success, such as the accuracy of choosing a project organizational form, selecting a capable leader, and building an integrated and organized project team. However, there are other things that are also important to note to ensure the success of implementation of the project is planning. Here are some arguments why planning becomes one important thing in project management:

Eliminate or reduce uncertainty. With good planning then what to do, when to work on it, and what resources are needed, and what is the target of the activity becomes clear to everyone Operating efficiency. Good planning then the activities are unclear and that need resources can be eliminated.

Get a better understanding of the project's objectives. Good planning will load the objectives of the project. With that purpose, all parties involved know and understand where each activity should be directed.

Provide the basis for monitoring and controlling work. Monitoring and controlling activities can only be done effectively when there is a reference. Things that are contained in plans such as activities, time and resources can be a reference for monitoring and evaluating the project.

The stages of project planning people who are leaders of project work must be authorized to do planning, creating schedules and budgets. Planning steps include:
  • Determination of the project objectives and needs to achieve that goal.
  • Identifying what work is needed to achieve that goal and how the order of implementation of such activities
  • The project organization is designed to determine existing departments, required subcontractors and managers who are responsible for their existing employment activities.
  •  Schedule for each activity. When the activity starts and when the activity should be completed.
  • Preparing the budget and resources required to perform each activity
  • Estimate time, cost and project completion performance.
  • Planning will be easier when similar project work is ever undertaken. When the project is new and has never been done, the planning of the Haruis starts from scratch and is relatively more difficult. Functional units involved in the project work need to be involved in the project planning stage on the preparation of the project Master Plan (RIP) or Project Masters Plan

Problem Planning Phase

Here are some issues that often arise in the planning phase
  • Project goals and objectives cannot be approved by all parties
  • Project objectives are too rigid so that less can accommodate changes
  • Objectives not set properly
  • Objectives cannot be described in a form that can be quantifiable or immeasurable
  • The Master plan projects
  • The Project Master plan setup process should be done from the start even before the project is delegated to the team. a plan Parent Project

Part I: Project description.

This section contains a short description of the background, objectives, needs, constraints, existing and anti-corruption issues, the parent's schedule showing activities and series of activities.

Part II Management and organization

  • Contains among others:
  • Project and organization Management
  • People's needs
  • Training and development
  • Contains training programs and human resources development to support the project.

Part III Technical Section

Contains descriptions of the main activities of the project, time and cost. The components of this section in general are as follows:
  • Job details. On this item is explained in detail the existing work.
  • Project schedule. Contains the scheduling of all activities ' ranging from the planning, the implementation of each activity and its ranking until the project is completed.

Budget and financial support. Contains an estimate of the cash flow for labor costs, materials and other supporting facilities for the time implementation of each activity in the project work.
  • Testing of all the things that have been prepared such as procedures, times and people who have been responsible.
  • It contains explanations of how the process is documented and how to organize the documents produced.
  • It contains discussion and instruction in the field and how customers operate or execute project results.
  • A plan Job Review. Contains procedures on how project work is monitored, reviewed and controlled. Including the time who did and what standard to use.
  • Economic justification. Contains a description summary that shows different alternatives of possible trades off between the cost and schedule of the project.

Project Planning Sample

Planning Tools

Here are some tools that can be used in project planning:

  1. Work Breakdown Structure. It is the detail that outlines project work into small jobs that are more operational so that it is easy to implement and estimated cost and time of implementation.
  2. Matrix responsibilities. The Matrix is used to determine the organization of the project, its key people and its responsibilities. The essence of this matrix shows the relationship between activity and his affairs.
  3. Gantt Chart. This tool is used to show the project's parent schedule and schedule each job/activity.
  4. Network (Network). Used to show the order of activities/jobs, when the activity/work starts, when to finish and when the whole project is completed. This method consists of two namely PERT and CPM


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