Saturday 26 October 2019

Monitoring and Controlling the Project

Monitoring and controlling project work is the process of tracking, reviewing, and regulating the progress in order to meet the performance objectives. It is the fourth process group in Project Management.


Monitoring is an activity of observing/reviewing again studying the continuous and periodic study of periodically and supervising activities, conducted by the project maintainer at each level of implementation of activities, to Ensure that P g en outboard and P GG en use in put, work schedule, targeted results and other necessary actions run according to plan.

Monitoring focuses on:

  1. Controlling work towards the goal
  2. Effective use of existing resources
  3. Fix/correct problem


Assess whether activities undertaken by the Tel Ha h are in accordance with the
Identify issues that arise to be directly resolved
Whether the working and management patterns are appropriate to achieve the project objectives.
The relationship between activities in order to obtain a measure of progress,


For the party responsible Program:

One of the functions of management management is control control or supervision supervision.
As a form of accountability for performance
To convince the parties concerned
Help to help determine the determination of step-step measures related to the next project activity.
As a basis to conduct subsequent monitoring and evaluation.

For the project manager, namely:

Helps to prepare the report in a short time
Know the shortcomings that need to be repaired and maintain good performance. 3. As a basis (information) that is important to conduct a project evaluation

FRAME WORK & Responsibilities

  1. Control the project and ensure that the target is reached depending on the regular monitoring, knowing what happens, and calculating the achievement of the achievement based on the target
  2. If there is a discrepancy between the plan and the actual condition then it takes a re-planning to bring the project back to the target or target must be revised
  3. In the implementation, the manager should avoid 4 things namely: Delay on target date, quality discharges, insufficient functionality, cost if exceeded the target
  4. Overall responsibility for ensuring that the achievement of the target project is subject to the role of the project Steering Committee or Project Board

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