Friday 22 February 2019

Project Status Report |Examples | Template | Free Excel Dashboard

A project status report is a document may contain current status of a project. This critical reporting document include the communication, strategies, updates, issues and progress of the entire project. Normally this report is used to update & informed stakeholders and sponsors.

Project status report dashboard template

Tips for writing project status report

  • Information to be provided in this section is general in nature and provides the necessary information about the organization of the project and project participants. 
  • You can describe the activities in the project status report, even link the information about each task, list or work breakdown structure. You also can describe the summary of the significant accomplishments and project deliverables. Description of the project activities should be in brief. 
  • All the activities may have related to project tasks. You can describe the details, identified technical issues impacting the project. 
  • Even describe the discusses related to technical issues in the project report.

Project status report example

Project status report example

What to include in the project status report?

Project Summary

In this section you can describe the overall status of the project. Here you can include the current status of the budget, schedule and scope of the project. Against you can describe the current situation. This is the project dashboard, where graphically you can re-present the current status.
Usually, the project strategies changes and how it will be complete should be describe in the summary section. It may contain the project target date, budget, scope, adjusts during the project etc.


Here in this section, you have to describe the schedules and its adjustments. The details of all tasks which are schedule for complete the project on time. Normally the schedule is part of the planning phase, but with the project status report, you have to describe the planning + current condition of the particular task of a project. This section may include milestones / tasks, starting date, end date of the task, revised date if, and percentage of the works completed.

Budget Status

The section may help to understand how much budget were allocated for particular tasks, and what is the progress of the budget used for the project. You can also describe any budget expansions, and adjustments. The budget estimate is an adjusted estimate to reflect a revised rollout strategy based on assessment of the scheduling and planning content by the core team and the review team. Normally the revised strategies indicated in the scope.

Scope adjustments

In the scope adjustment, you can include completion of the full project management details and usual scope adjustment to deliver the potential outputs. Normally the scope may help to understand which tasks are included and what are out of the project scope.


Actually the accomplishment is details of the project tasks, and percentage of the completion. Normally it may include the frameworks, tools details, communication details, and skill development. The milestone of each project tasks can be describing at this section. The details of the tasks and its percentages can describe with brief details to serve to sponsors to ensure the project going at expected or as per schedule.

Issues & Risks

Normally the issues and risks can be describing under the same head. But you have to also describe the sub-heading for issues and risks with separately. This will be gives and advantages and easier for the readers. The details of each issues are currently facing by project, and details of potential risks are associated with project can be describe under this section.

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