Tuesday 29 January 2019

Types of Training – Internal & External Training


Basic of the training

As for some formulation of training for personnel management:

  • Exercise or training is an activity or undertaking to enhance the knowledge. Even skills of an employee or employees in carrying out certain tasks or jobs.

  • The exercise is part of education regarding the learning process to acquire and enhance skills outside the prevailing education system in a relatively short time with the methods emphasis on the practice of the theory.

From the formula above it can be conclude that the practice is a process of developing good skills in the areas of employee knowledge, skills or attitudes and employee behavior to improve or enhance the skills and abilities of the workforce so that they can have the ability as expect by the company need twist steps to determine a work practice that needs to be given to the employees.

Types of training

As for other types of training express by Robert John in the book of human resource management, (2002:17), namely:

Internal training

On the job training tend to be view as a thing that application to work, saving costs to send employees in training, and can sometimes avoid the costs for the training of the learning While the work may give rise to costs in the form of lost and damage equipment, and they can become frustrate when the State fail to improve.

External Training

  1. External training appears for several reasons:

  2. Training is cheaper for employers to use training from outside hosts training at the place where the means of internal training is limit.

  3. Perhaps the time is not adequate for the preparation of internal procurement training material.

  4. Human resources staff may not have the level of expertise require for material in which training is require.

  5. There are several advantages in which employees interact with managers and co-workers in other companies in a training program which is conduct outside.

One emerging trend is currently the "Outsourcing" of training. Factory (vendors) were use for the training of their employees. For example, many of the provide software provides a Conference for users of the software. Where employees of several companies the recipients of training in detail in using the software and some new material add. Also the manufacturer can carry out training in the organization. If the number of employees who will be train to suffice.

Every element when labor is expect to carry out its work successfully and productively. For that he sued a matching capabilities, and therefore he should work fine, continuous learning and following training activities design for the question.

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