Tuesday 29 January 2019

Management functions - planning, organizing, actuating and controlling

Oversight is one of the functions of management, therefore, in exercising supervision, whether government agencies. As well as private establishments on the companies must first understand the meaning of the meaning of management itself. With the above description, then to know the sense of management then known in advance the understanding of management. Which was advanced by some experts about whether the functions withdrawal in harnessing the power that has been assigned to each employee.


The following Management is a process consisting of actions in the planning, organizing, actuating and controlling. Where on each field use both science as well as expertise to achieve the goals that have been set.

Base on the description above, then it can be describe that process can provide a planning to be motivate about what will be done coming. The follow the Organization and supervision of the execution of the duties as accompany the work assign to him.

Management skills

That Management is the ability or skill to acquire something of the results in order of planning goals through the activities of others.

From the above definition, then the writer can draw a conclusion that management is a process of human activities and efforts to achieve the goal through a cooperation with others. Then look at the limits of understanding management role, then that is the factors of labor, in which case due to human factors as labor which had and has the common sense and thought, planning and wills. It was concluded that the elements of management according to the universal nature of the above decomposition.

Therefore, as the following managers are the ones who achieve specific results through others or in other words the manager is the one who has the expertise to move the person to do a particular job. To produce something a certain goal.

From some of the above definition, then it could be drawn a conclusion that management was a process activities / business delivery of certain tasks through cooperation with others. Based on the above understanding, it appears that many of the key surveillance is the process of good cooperation among the officers or employees respectively.

Management & Leadership

The provide restrictions regarding the following management is the process in which the leadership would like to know. If subordinates are already carrying out the work in accordance with the planning that has been previously specify.

In connection with the above description, it can be explain that any job assign follow carefully. So that what was given to him or on each employee. From this definition it can be also explain the authority towards the implementation of tasks supervise indirectly. What he use to do can it be solved or not.

Every employee has its own organizational structure. Then by him that certainly have the Division of duties and restrictions on the right of each employee. And for more efficient against the assigned tasks need to be paying attention. To what has been outlined by the organizational structure of the company itself.

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