Wednesday 30 January 2019

Three Powerful Ways To Perform Production Process Improvement

Manufacturing Process Improvement - 4 Methods. Waste Identification and Reduction. As you are growing your operation, the amount of waste you produce should not be growing as well. Adequate Training. Consumer Consideration. Changing the Mindset - Enabling Improvement.

Production Process ImprovementToday, the entire manufacturing industry in the world is vying to be the best. Various improvement efforts are made in order to realize an effective and profitable organization, as well as strong in competition. If you do not immediately look for ways to make improvements in the body of the organization, chances are your business will be. How to start a repair initiative? Check out the tips given by Adrian Pask, on simple ways that can be done to improve the production process.
A very successful plant manager once told Pask that the secret of a successful big manufacturing company is doing simple things very well and perfectly. In this article, Pask describes brief tips on how to implement powerful ideas to reduce down time and increase output.

Three Simple Ways

One of the most powerful ways of reducing down time is by encouraging each responsible team in each production line to make at least one identification and repair problem each day. This will make the teams get a 'small victory' every day, until awareness of improvement will continue to grow. In addition, improvements will continue to be done every day.
How do I get the idea to work? Here are three simple ways to go:

  1. Use the information from the plant floor to identify losses and defects (losses).
  2. Review the losses that occur and point the Team Focus to the greatest loss or the easiest fix.
  3. Formulate and do the actions (Action), which can be completed during the shift takes place to reduce the losses there.

Will it work? Of course! Pask has helped over forty factories as OEE consultants use the same way, and he sees an OEE increase of 10 percent or more when managers consistently implement the above three ways. The implementation should be done for a minimum of three months.

Three Simple Questions

The best way to run the improvement is to go down to the factory and ask three simple questions for each step, which will lead the team to a specific action. Here are some examples:

  1. Be a supportive leader
  2. Help your team find answers to every question. Train and motivate them. Put this in your mission list: help the team to focus more on the positive. This will help you take full advantage of their talents, knowledge and abilities.

  3. Be a specific leader
  4. If you are asking for information, ask in a specific language or number. If today's production process "has been good enough", what does it mean? What kind of production is done? A good manufacturing company is a precise manufacturing company. So, just right in getting the data.

  5. Keep it reasonable
  6. Of course, every machine can be upgraded in a redesigned way. But can you do it today? Set only incoming goals and deliverables.

  7. Follow up
  8. If you have approved a solution, write it down and follow up to make sure it is done. Also analyze the results. Any action may not produce an improvement, but it's okay. Your goal is to create the habit of actively looking for 'small wins' that will continue to grow over time.

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