Wednesday 2 January 2019

The Kano Model – Customer Satisfaction Measurement

The Kano model is one way that can be used to identify consumer satisfaction, where this model aims to categorize the attributes of the products or services of the service based on how well the product or service capable of satisfying customer needs, develop Kano In Kano model, distinguishes three types of desired products that may affect consumer satisfaction, namely:

Must-be requirements

This Type is the basic criteria that must be present on a product or service. If this basic requirement does not exist, is not filled or less then the consumer will feel very dissatisfied. But, if more satisfaction to the consumer. In fact, consumers viewed this criterion as a basic requirement, but consumers usually do not expressly in these terms. because consumers assume this category already properly, then the fulfillment of this category would not improve consumer satisfaction.

The Must-be requirements is basic criteria of a product or service. The fulfillment of this category would only lead to the statement are not satisfied. Consumers look at the must-be requirements as a condition of absolute, they consider this category already should be there so it explicitly did not satisfy them. In many ways, the must-be requirements is a competitive factor, and if it is not met, then the consumer would not be at all interest in the products or services offered.

For example, on your mobile SMS facility is a facility that was suppose to exist on mobile output now. Satisfaction of consumers will not increase because there is an SMS on your mobile, but consumers are not at all be interest in buying the phone that doesn't have SMS facility.

One-dimensional requirements.

In this type, consumer satisfaction than in proportional degree of fulfillment of consumer needs, where the higher the level of fulfillment of the needs of the consumer, the higher the degree of satisfaction of consumers and otherwise. One-dimensional requirements explicitly always demand by consumers.

For example, the facilities cost when dialing the same provider, if this facility is provide then the customer satisfaction will rise, but consumer satisfaction will plummet if none of the facilities they will be.

Attractive requirements.

This is the key Requirement of consumer satisfaction. This requirement is

the criteria of the product that has the greatest influence on consumer satisfaction if given. Attractive requirements not require there should be and also not expect by consumers. The fulfillment of this requirement will result in increase consumer satisfaction is very high. But if not met, will not cause a decrease in the level of satisfaction. Requirements this is not expressly state or expect by the consumer.

For example, on a mobile phone camera, the facilities provide then customer satisfaction will rise very high. Because consumers do not demand that such facilities are provide. But if there were no mobile phones at such facilities, customer satisfaction will not be decrease.

It should be note that the category of consumer will not be fix for all time. But it will change according to the progression of time.

Specifically, attractive attributes would become one-dimensional, and will eventually become the must-be attributes. For example, the camera on a mobile phone at the time it first appear is an attractive attribute. Now has become a one-dimensional or even become attributes must-be for most customers.

Another Implication of this Canoe Model is more consumer’s desirability is dynamic rather than static.

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