Wednesday 2 January 2019

The factors that influence Consumer Buying Interest

Consumer Buying

Consumer Buying. Suggests the factors which affect the interest of buying touch with feelings and emotions, when someone feel happy and satisfied in buying goods or services then it will amplify interest in buying, dissatisfaction usually eliminate interest.

Explain that there are several factors which influence interest, namely:

  1. The difference of work, that is to say with a difference of one's job can be estimated interest the level of work that would like to learn, the activity being performed, the use of her spare time, and others.

  2. Social-economic Differences, meaning that a person who has high social economy will be easier to achieve what he wants than have low socioeconomic.

  3. Difference hobby or craze, meaning how someone using her spare time.

  4. Gender, meaning that women's interest will be different with men's interest, for example in shopping patterns.

  5. Age differences, meaning that the age of children, teenagers, adults and parents will be different against an interest in goods, objects and activities of the person.

There are two factors that affect a person's buying interest in the purchase decision making process. Namely the unpredictable situation (Unexpected situation). The attitude towards people others (Respect to Others).

To understand the process underlying motivation and drive consumer behavior in making purchases need. To understand some concepts, among others:

Micro-economic theory

According to the theory of this buying decision was the result of a rational economic calculation. This theory is based on assumptions which are:

  1. That consumers always try to maximize his pleasure within the limits of financial capability.

  2. He has knowledge of some alternative sources to satisfy his needs.

  3. That he always acts rationally.

Psychological Theory

There are several theories including psychological theory. Generally can be divide into 2 parts, namely, learning theory and psychoanalytic theory.  These psychological Theories basing on the application of psychological theory. Which argues that humans in general are always encourage to meet the needs of the Foundation.


Theory Psychoanalytic is base on the assumption that human behavior is influence by the existence of a desire. That had to and the existence of hidden motives. Human behavior is the result of cooperation of the three aspects of the personality structure.

Theory of Anthropological

Theory that human behavior influence by culture consisting of surrounding communities, the prevailing social class and family.

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