Wednesday 2 January 2019

Assessment of Parts Oriented Production System

Thinking of production system in terms of allocation target, the system is called Parts Oriented Production System. In other words, the Parts Oriented Production System is a complex production system where make-to-stock (before slack parts) and make-to-order (after slack parts) are coexist

Parts Oriented Production System

Parts Oriented Production System. Assessment methods and approaches in the assessment of the achievements of the work of employees. An application of the assessment of the achievements of the work are said to be good job achievement assessment direct not to judge the person. But we value is the result of the work he has done.

A process of assessment of the achievements of  Parts Oriented Production System: The work can be said to be good, when capable:

  1. Generate feedback on the results of the achievements are clear, so that the work in question knows what to expect from him

  2. Recognize the field of implementation of the work specifically need to be maintained or enhanced.

  3. Recognize the ways that can give the possibility for those concerned to develop talent and a great responsibility. Appraisers factor in assessment work achievement largely determine next to gauge his judgement.

Appraisers work achievement can be individually for example direct superiors, can also be shape team evaluate, which is more than one person. To enable the achievement of business brought the assessment, then the assessor employee achievements can be either team marker consisting of 2 or 3 people who have the necessary ability.

In general, the work achievement assessment methods are group into two kinds of method-oriented assessment of time ago and assessment methods that are orient in the future.

The methods of the Parts Oriented Production System

The methods of the Parts Oriented Production System merit matters time treatment of work achievement that has happened and to a certain degree, can be measure. The disadvantage is that the achievements of interns in the past cannot be change. But by evaluating the working achievements in the past, employees obtain feedback regarding their efforts this feedback can point to repair-repair of achievement.

Assessment of the achievements of the Parts Oriented Production System, meaning an employee work achievement assessment that are rate base on the results that have been achieve by employees during this time. Assessment techniques work achievement-orient time ago, among others:

Rating Scale

in this subjective assessment against appraisers doing work achievement a certain scale of employees with the lowest up to the highest. Appraisers give a mark on the existing scale by comparing the results between employees with job criteria have been determine base on the justification of the evaluate in question. The advantages of this method are not expensive in the preparation and administration, appraisers only require a bit of practice, not time consuming, and can be apply to a large number of employees. The downside is the difficulty in determining the criteria relevant to the execution of the work.

The Checklist

In assessment checklist method only select statements that are already available. Which describe the work achievement and characteristics-the characteristics of the employees (who votes). Goodness checklist is economical, easy administration, training for Appraisers, and standardize.

Its weaknesses include the use of personality criteria in addition to the criteria of the achievements of the work. The possibility of bias estimator, interpretation of the check list items. The use of improper weights and also not allow appraisers provide an assessment of the relative.

Critical Incident Method

The method of valuation base on the evaluation's notes describe. The behavior of the employees is very good and very ugly in relation to implementation of work Events classify into various category. Such as a security hazard control supervision of the rest of the ingredients or the development of employees. The advantages of this method is useful in giving feedback. To employees and reduce error messages. The disadvantage is that the boss is often not interest in critical or record events tend to be far-fetch, and is subjective.

Review of the Methods of the field

So that more assessment of standardize is reach, many companies use the methods of the review field. Specialist personnel get special information from the immediate supervisor of the employee's work achievements. The evaluation was sent to the supervisor for review and approval, change, discussion with employees who are rate. Specialist personnel can record the assessment on any type of assessment form use the company.

Methods of Evaluation Group

Appraisals such as is normally done by the supervisor or supervisor directly. Group assessment methods are useful for decision making, promotion, wage increases and various forms of organizational award. Because it can generate a ranking employee of the best until the ugliest. Evaluation method of various groups which are:

  1. The elevator's Ranking Methods compare employees with one other employees to determine. Who is better, and then place each employee in order from best to ugliest. Disadvantages to this method is difficult to determine the factor comparison. The subject of the last impression of the error and the halo effect. Kindness comes to ease of administration and the explanation.

  2. Grading or Force Distributions Separate Assessment or "sort" on employees into various different classifications.

  3. Point Allocation Method this method is another form of Grading methods. Given a number of appraiser’s value total to be allocate among the employees in the group. Employees are better give greater than employees with achievements uglier. Goodness value allocation method is that the evaluate can evaluate the relative differences among employees. Although the disadvantage of halo effect and the last impression of bias still exists.

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