Thursday 17 January 2019

Relationship between planning and control

A Planning and control are two different functions in management, but both coupled very closely. The scope of activities of both functions are interconnected and Interlocked. Planning or Planning set up goals and objectives for the organization while Controlling or Controlled ensure accomplishments. Without planning, internal control activities be unfounded. While without Restraint, planning to become a meaningless activity.

So Planning is implement, all associated labor will start its activities based on the create by planning. However, when carrying out the planned activities, will probably happen the problems to be solve by the Manager or managers may also issue that occurs is not known or not understood at all by the Manager so there is nothing to solve them.


The problem of unknown or unconscious that can be a big problem and affect the overall planning process. So that all the resources such as manpower, financial and information used to perform planning will be in vain, the production process be interrupted. The company could lose its market share, the rate of labor turnover will be high, the cost of production become higher and going to happen financial losses for companies are concerned.

To overcome and rescuing the company from these problems. The managers must continue to perform the function of control or supervision. To ensure that the activities that have been planned are truly realize into reality. There are always further actions to ensure compliance with the activities that have been plan. That is, we should invest in developing a system to monitor deviations from plans and when an aberration then there should be adjustments and taking corrective action.

Managerial Functions

The Planning is the first managerial function of early action by organizing and leadership. The human resources or other resources for complete a job while controlling is a function. Which ensures that the final managerial actions that started the really capable of achieving the purpose of the organization. In other words, planning to start a management process while the control is complete. Function control or management control is directly related to Planning because managers need. To monitor results to achieve the goals and objectives that have been set on the planning process.

Furthermore, the Control will give you feedback or feedback to the planning with showed irregularities. That occur against the plan performance. In the event of irregularities then the Manager should be able to take action as necessary or even had to change the planning for the future.

"The past" (time has elapsed) cannot be control because it's already happen. But can guide to prevent the occurrence of unwanted events in the future. Thus "the past" can help make better plans for the future.

Key points on the relationship between Planning and control

The relationship between Planning and control can be seen from some of the points below:

  1. Planning identifies the action while the control ensures that the action was commit.

  2. Control system or some bad control systems will thwart Planning while the control system. The effective control system will strengthen planning.

  3. The control provides information for further planning. As well as help in revising or review its planning has been made.

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