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project management characteristics

A project management characteristics is the art of managing all aspects of the project from beginning. To closure using scientific methodology and structure. The term of this project can be use to define the effort or whatever activity is temporary has set the start of his job and the time of the completion of the work.

The project generally creates a service, product or outcome that is unique and species. In accordance with this definition, it can be said that the project is an activity. That cannot run indefinitely and must have a definite purpose.

Keep in mind that the definition of "temporary" here is limit to the work process but does not apply on the outcome (product or service) that is generate by the project. For example, a project to build a monument to will have a duration or time of workmanship has been enact while the result i.e. monument itself might be use for an unlimited period of time.

A project in any organization, require the collaboration and cooperation between departments in order. To achieve a well-define goals and clear. Project management is very important in the production of goods and services. Starting from an idea to eventually produce a product or service, each step or phase can be categorize as individual projects.

Each project requires a project manager who is responsible for managing all aspects of a project starting from the planning, organizing, directing and controlling. The project until it is complete in accordance with the budget, time frame and the quality of the result set. For more details, let’s read the definition project and project management (Project Management) according to the expert.

The project according to the experts.

Here is the sense of the project (Project), according to some experts.

  • The project is a combination of human resources such as materials, equipment, and capital/fees collect in a container while the Organization to achieve goals and objectives.

  • Project is a complex endeavor, not routine, that is limit by time, budget, resources, and performance specifications that are design to meet the needs of customers.

  • The project is an effort or activity organize for achieving the objectives, goals and expectations is important with the use of budget funds and the resources available. Which should be complete within a certain period.

  • Project is a series of tasks that are direct towards an outcome.

  • The NINE (Project Management Body of Knowledge) 3rd Edition, the project is a temporary endeavor with the beginning and the end and should be use to create a product, service or result.

Understanding project management according to experts

Here is an understanding of project management (Project Management) according to some experts.

  • Project management is the activity of planning, organizing, directing and controlling the company's organizational resources. To achieve specific objectives within a specify time with a particular resource. Applying project management company personnel to be place on specific tasks in the project.

  • A project management is all of the planning, execution, control, and coordination of a project from the start (the idea) until the end of the project to ensure the implementation of the project in timely, appropriate and precise cost of quality.

  • The project management is the management of a simpler, repeating the operations. Where the market and the technology can be unpredictable. There is certainty about the anticipation of the results, more a little bit of organization involve.

  • The project management is the application of knowledge, expertise and skills, the best technical way and with limit resources. To achieve the goals and objectives that have determine. To obtain optimal results in terms of performance to cost, quality and time as well as safety.

Characteristics of Projects

A project is not a routine daily activities or activities undertaken by the Organization. But not routine activities with a certain span of time can give impact on the viability of the business of the Organization in question in the long run. In General, a project has the following characteristics:

  • Time (Timeline): project timeline or have a definite time line with the starting point and the end point measure.

  • Resources (Resource): a project has the resources of capital and manpower are limit.

  • Tools (Tools) : use the tools (tools) and the specific techniques use for the management project, for example Gantt Chart.

  • The team (Team): project management requires a diverse team from various departments and functions.

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