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Performance appraisal methods

An employee Performance management process involves the assessment or analysis of what has been achieve. The employees forms the basis for career planning and the development potential of the employees concerned. Meanwhile performance appraisal is a structure and systematic measurements use. To evaluate abilities, behavior and work. So that employees can plan for further career employees who in the end can provide benefits for the employees concern. The Unit Works and his organization can even be beneficial to the community in which the employee is locate.

Elements measured in this performance assessment including Knowledge of the job. Such as the quality and quantity of Output produce, initiative, leadership abilities, supervision, level of dependence, cooperation, flexibility, health and behavior. To measure elements of the performance assessment, require a systematic measurement methods and effective. So that the results can be accept by both the Organization and employees can really provide benefits for the parties interested parties.

Methods of assessment of performance

There are many performance assessment method of classification. Each method has its advantages as well as disadvantages that may be suitable for the particular organization. But may not be suitable for other organizations. Thus, none of the standard method that is suitable for any organization or company. These Performance assessment methods will vary depending on the work environment, type of business, line of work, and employment or duty employees.

The following are some simple performance assessment methods and are often use by organizations or companies to assess the performance of its employees.

The method of Rating Scale

The Rating Scale method or methods by using the scale of Assessments was the assessment methods. The simplest and most commonly used. The Rating Scale method uses a scale to assess the performance of its employees.

For example, a scale of "Satisfactory" to "Unsatisfactory" or from the scale of "very good" to "Very bad". The assessment scale is usually convert to a numeric value like:

5 (very good), 4 (good), 3 (enough), 2 (bad) and 1 (very bad).

The characteristics of employees who are rated typically is such a dependency, leadership, quality of work. The quantity of work, responsibility, initiative, emotional stability, loyalty, cooperation, knowledge and abilities tasks charged.

Methods of Checklist

The method or methods of Checklist is a method of performance assessment, which consists of a series of labor standards in the form of a statement with a question and answer "Yes" or "no" that had been prepared by the Department of human resources. If the employee in question meets the performance mentioned in the Checklist questions.

It will be given a check mark (√) or sign of the times (x) in the column "Yes".

Conversely, if the employees concerned did not meet the specified performance.

Then a check mark (√) or sign of the times (x) will be given in the column "no".

The method of Critical Incidents

The method Critical Incidents or critical incident method is a method of assessment which focuses on the critical behavior of a critical incident or good behavior/incident that positive or negative incident/behavior. With this method, evaluate or in this case was a manager must be continuously record incidents or behavior of his subordinates, both positive and negative. But in General, behaviors or incidents record incidents was noted or behavior that is very extreme.

The method of Essay

Essay method is the simplest assessment method among the various existing assessment methods. In the Essay method, the evaluate wrote a description of the strengths, weaknesses, intelligence, presence, attitude, work efficiency, behavior, character and potential of his subordinates. Formats and patterns of the report vary and differ among the evaluate or managers who perform the evaluation of his subordinates. But due to the absence of standard structures, methods of this essay tends.

To vary so that the quality of valuation also depends on the skill of evaluate or the author. Methods are also descriptive Essay so this method only gives qualitative information about employees. In the absence of quantitative data, the evaluation of the subjective will have problems. Even so, the Essay Method is a good start and it is very useful. If use in conjunction with other performance assessment methods.

The method of Ranking

Ranking method is a method of assessment which compares with other employees are then sort by their rank. Employees are given a rating or ranking from highest to lowest or from the best to the worst. This method of Ranking will be hard to do when there are two or more employees who have performance similar or comparable.

The methods of Modern performance assessment

The methods above are methods of traditional performance appraisal. Currently, there are more performance assessment methods which are classify as modern performance assessment methods. The methods of Modern performance assessment are assessment methods. Such as this MBO (Management by Objective), BARS (Behaviorally Anchor Rating Scales), 360-degree Methods, methods of Assessment Centers and the method of Cost Accounting.

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