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Production planning and control

To achieve operational efficiency, effective and economical in the manufacturing work units in a company, any company or organization engaged in the need to integrate manufacturing production planning and the system of supervision of production (Production Control) into a single entity which cannot be separated. Planning and monitoring or often abbreviated with PP & C (Production Planning and Control) is a function within a manufacturing company dealing with various issues such as tackling the problem of low production the productivity of the production, inventory management (Inventory), scheduling to the utilization of company resources.

Production planning is required for scheduling, delivery, inspection, quality management, inventory management, supply chain management and the management of the use of machinery and equipment work. While Production Control ensure that the production team can achieve the required production target, the optimal utilization of resources as well as management quality and cost savings.

The benefits of planning and supervision of production

Planning and control is a very important element for the success of a unit operation. Planning and control of Production necessary to achieve:

  1. Effective against utilization of company resources.

  2. To achieve the goal of production related to the quality, quantity, timeliness of delivery and cost.

  3. Get the uninterrupted flow of production to meet the various needs of the customer with respect to quality and delivery schedules promised.

  4. To help the company provide quality products to customers on an ongoing basis with competitive rates.

Production Planning

The production planning is one of the important part of Production Planning and Control. Planning related to the basic concept of what should be produced, when to be produced and how much it should be manufactured and what resources should be use to do production.

A Production planning is the activity of decisive i.e. pre-production manufacturing requirements such as labor, material, machine and its manufacturing processes. It can be define as the determination, acquisition and setting all the facilities need to produce the product. Production planning will predict demand and then set a schedule and all production needs to be able to meet the target is use.

The purpose of the production planning is as follows:

  1. To ensure an appropriate quantity and quality of raw materials, equipment and so on are available during the period of production.

  2. For the utilization of capacity in accordance with foretast demand.

Production planning is done well will be able to ensure the production process runs smoothly. So it provides some benefit to the company or organization as follows:

  1. Organization or companies can deliver the product regularly and in a timely manner in accordance with the require customer.

  2. Suppliers get information earlier about the needs of raw materials and materials thereby reducing helper investment in inventory.

  3. Can improve efficiencies in production so as to reduce the cost of production as a whole.

The production planning deal with two basic strategies, namely product planning that will be generate (Product Planning) and also the planning of the production process. A Production planning is done on the basis of three different time levels, namely long-term planning planning-related production facilities, capital investment, planning and so on. Production planning with regard to medium-term demand forecasting and capacity planning while Short-term production planning is a planning-related operational activities every day.

Supervision of Production

Not all planning results according to what has been plan, therefore require the supervision or control of production. So that deviations from the planning can be minimize. In other words, supervision or control of this production is an activity to make sure all resources are plan has been use in accordance with needs of the plan production run. In accordance with the plan and do corrective action in the event of irregularities.

Some of the factors that led to the occurrence of irregularities against the production planning is as follows:

  1. The unavailability of raw materials as well as materials helper (for lack of a quality problem, and others).

  2. The occurrence of the damage of the machine, equipment, work or other production facility.

  3. Change request (cancellation of orders, the order of addition or change delivery time).

  4. The absence of workers.

  5. The lack of coordination and communication between work units or suppliers/customers.

In case of discrepancy between reality and planning the production, then the management must take corrective action against such aberrations. Thus, supervision or control of Production review the development of the production. Even and take corrective measures to ensure that production goes in planning.

As for the benefits of production monitoring are:

  1. Ensure a smooth flow of all production processes.

  2. Ensure cost-saving production so as to increase the profit of the company.

  3. Control of resources.

  4. Maintain quality standards through the life cycle of production.

Supervision is not the same in all of the organization or company. Supervision of Production depends on the following factors:

  1. The nature of the production (job-oriented, service oriented).

  2. Nature of Operations.

  3. The Size of the Operation.

Thus, we can draw the conclusion that the planning and supervision of production and Control are crucial. To customer satisfaction and the overall success of an organization.

Production Schedule Template

Production Schedule Template


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