Friday 18 January 2019

Estimates (Budgeting)


Estimation of Business (Business Budgeting) is total articles from industrial activities, specified in units (figures) and in certain time period of the company.

Key elements in the estimates:

The entire Article, is the determination of the activities done in the future.
Industrial undertaking, covering the entire activity will be performed by all industrial constructed-constructed in.

Expressed in figures, are units that can be used in all industrial activities of all sorts.
A specific Period, is total about anything will happen in the future.

There are 2 kinds of estimates (budget):

  • Budget Strategist, is estimated that applies to long-term namely exceeding one accounting period(over 1 year)
  • Budget Tactical, the surplus is estimated that occur for short term, that is per accounting period or less.
  • Budget compiled by the Committee and organizers estimate (Budgeting Committee). Composed upon the handle primary functions (Participate Budget).

Estimates have 3 use tree there are:

  1. As in their work. Estimation of functions as sailors work and provide directions as well as target-target to be achieved by the industrial activities in the future.

  2. As a tool of the coordination work. With the availability of estimates of all constructed by the constructed-the can mutually support companies and work together well, to head at target or purpose prescribed by the enterprises.

  3. As a surveillance tool or operation. Estimate serve as a gauge of survey (comparison tool) to evaluate and evaluate actual industrial undertaking at the time to come.
    Thee other estimates also have weaknesses, among others:
  • Estimate (Budget) is only a tool.
  • Estimate (Budget) does not replace management position.
  • The process of compiling the estimates:
  • Find factors that encrypted pages.
  • The position of the enterprise in competition (Leader/Follower).
  • Obtain accurate data.
  • Members.
  • The way diet:
  • Accurate figures
  • An informative
  • Easier to view mobility

Factors which affect restructuring budget that is:

Intern Factors are factors that are present in the enterprise itself. These factors, among others, in the form of sales last year, the wisdom of the enterprise, working capital owned, owned labor, the mailbox owned enterprises, etc.

External Factors are factors that have influenced the life of the enterprise but beyond the enterprise. These factors, among others, in the form of the State of competition, level of population growth, Community production, community education, the spread of the population, religion, customs and habits of society, etc.

Estimate (Budget) a good should embrace the entire industrial undertaking, which is often called a comprehensive Budget. In outline the contents of the comprehensive Budget consists of:
  • Budget Assessment filled assessment-assessment of the activities of the enterprise and the State (position) and the financial industry at a time when certain at the time to come.
  • Budget Variable, contains about level changes or variability of charge, in particular fees-fees include batch fees "semi-variables" in conjunction with the availability of productivity enterprises.
  • Analysis of Statistics and Mathematics Assistant, which were used to make assessments-assessments and conducting evaluation (evaluation) in order to hold surveillance work.
  • Report of the Budget (Budget Report), that is report on actual implementation of the budget which is equipped with various analysis comparison between budget and realization up to unknowable deviation-deviation happens and This account, either a positive (favorable) or negative (adverse), so as to further reactions and conclusions drawn (follow-up) urgent needs to be done.

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