Wednesday 23 January 2019

Performance assessment Management

Management and performance assessment

As we know that nearly all companies conduct performance assessment which means evaluating the performance of employees and currently or in the past relative to the standard of performance.
There are several reasons to rate the performance of subordinates:

  • An assessment should play a role in the process of integrated performance management entrepreneur
  • The assessment allows superiors and subordinates devised a plan to correct the deficiencies found in the assessment
  • Assessment should serve the purpose of planning by reviewing employees ' plan as well as pay attention to strengths and weaknesses specifically.
  • To perform the assessment required special skills of a supervisor should be familiar with basic assessment techniques, understand and avoid problems – problems that can disrupt the assessment, as well as be able to implement it fairly. 

Performance assessment Process conducted supervisor consists of three stages:

Assess performance

Some of the methods used to conduct the assessment include:

  • Method of Graphic Rating Scale that is the Scale renders a number of characteristics and performance range of values for each characteristic. Employees are then assessed by identifying the most value in accordance with the level of performance for each characteristic.
  • Alternation Ranking Method that is rated to employees from best to worst based on certain characteristics, by choosing the best, and worst, until all have been ranked.
  • Paired Comparison Method that is doing the ranking employees by making a diagram of all the pairs of employees that might be for each feature of the employee and determine which one is better on each pair.
  • Force Distribution method is the same as the rate on a curve, the percentage of suspected of the votes placed in different categories of performance.
  • Critical Incidents Method i.e. keep a record about the great example that is not public or examples that are not favored over employee behavior related to work and review notes that with employees on time has been determined in advance.
  • Standard Rating Scale Method Behavior (BARS) assessment method that aims to combine the advantages of narrative, critical incidents, and measurable scale by making measurable scale based on specific narrative examples about the achievements of the good and bad.

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