Tuesday 1 January 2019

Job analysis | Objective-based analysis

Job analysis

A Job Analysis of the position is one of the important functions in human resources management to put the right person in the right position. Basically, is the analysis of the position or Job Analysis being a process to identify and determine in detail the particular job duties and requirements as well as the significance with regard to the duties of the position or a particular job.

Whereas the definition of the Term Analysis according to the decision of the Minister of manpower and transmigration Number 49 Year 2004 about conditions of the structure and scale of Wages is the process method in systematic way to obtain data, turn it into information the term is used for various purposes of institutional programs, management and human resources management.


Analysis of the position must formulate all the Office either as implementing power, non-managerial material and in an enterprise whereas the results of the analysis of the position or Analysis this is the identification of the title, the summary task, task details specification of terms (education, training or courses, work experience, job periods which include psychology, talent, temperament and interest work), work and work.

In other words, the Job Analysis or the analysis of the Office was conducting a systematic exploration of an Office, conduct studies and record-keeping responsibilities, duties, skills that must be owned, accountability, and work environment the requirements of the skills needed on the job or the Office for the benefit of human resource management (MSDM).

That is, all the factors required by the job and what should be owned by an employee who fill the position or the work to be able to work productively should be identified in a systematic, clear and detail in Job Analysis (analysis of the post).

The Purpose of the Analysis of the Terms 

Analytical Position involves the collection and recording of pertinent data on the job and position. As the knowledge and skills need to do the work, duties and responsibilities, educational qualifications and experience require. As well as the emotional characteristics and require. To perform the work in accordance with the desire by management of the company.

Analysis of the position or Job Analysis is then documented so it is beneficial to the management of the company to be able to determine the suitability between employment and training needs of employees, and development, assess an employee's performance and provide appropriate compensation to the performance of its employees.

As for the goals he did an analysis of the terms (Job Analysis) are as follows:

Recruitment and selection (Recruitment and Selection) :

Analysis of the Office helps management to determine the kind of people required to fill. The post or do a particular job. Analysis of position shows the educational qualifications, work experience, technical skills, physical, emotional and personal skills. To be able to do the job and fill in the required position. The goal is to get the right people to do the right job or the right position (the right person at the right place).

Assess Employee Performance (Performance Analysis) :

With an analysis of the position or Job Analysis, management can check. Whether the targets and objectives of the work are charge. To the employee concern is already achieved or not. This is because a Job Analysis also helps determine the standard of work, evaluation criteria and the results of the work of individuals or its employees. Thus, the overall performance of an employee can be measure. Even and assess in accordance with the documentation of the Job Analysis.

Training and development :

The analysis of the position or Job Analysis can also be use to assess the need for training and employee development. The difference between the expect work results with reality (actual) performance of employees determine. The level of training that needs to be given to the employees concern. With this Job Analysis, management can determine the content of the training, tools and equipment. That will be use to conduct training as well as the methods to be use for training.

Compensation management :

Analysis of these jobs play an important role in determining the salary package, fringe benefits and employee incentives. Of course, the package of salary an employee is basically depends on the position. The position, the duties and responsibilities involve in a job. This process can help special management human resources manager. To determine the compensation that must be give to employees who do the work.

In addition to the above several goals, Job Analysis is also use for designing, redesigning, enrich, evaluate. As well as to add or reduce the liability on a particular job in order. To improve employee satisfaction while achieving productivity is desire by management.

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