Tuesday 1 January 2019

Employee Orientation | Definition & types

Employee Orientation

Every employee in an organization has the orientation of work of each employee and most likely with each other have different work orientations, and if the perceive orientation can be achieved then employees will feel job satisfaction and work to the maximum.

The concept of the well-formed base for the harmonious industrial relations in view of the small use firm orientation to work was said to cause individual self-selection to the small firm sector. More or less has a meaning: the attitude and behavior of employees, is a concept that can create harmony in the work and that it can lead to increased employee performance individually in a company.

Orientation to work is the meaning of a job against an individual, base on the expectation that is embodied in his work.

Employee Orientation Types:

There are 3 types of orientation of the Work of employees in work:


Explain that in this type of approach each employee look at job as a final destination. Where these employees work on one reason and that is to meet the needs of daily living. In addition, in this orientation, there are also employees who choose to work with reasons to support their lifestyle specifics. The lifestyle in question is the conditions experience or live by each employee. Instrumentally is divide into two parts, namely:

Short-term instrumentally orientation

This type of orientation of this work is an attempt to support the employees and add to the main income by working in other places, and make this work as a secondary job. Employees on this type of orientation consider work just be temporary only.

Long-term instrumentally orientation

The long-term orientation instrumentally is an effort of the employees to make a job as a primary job. Long-term orientation instrumentally is divide into two types, namely:

  • Part-time employee or part-time employee: for this kind of part-time employees, the reason for choosing to live this way work is usually associate with the limit time they have. Usually this type of employee is a student or group of students who have to divide their time between work and time to learn, in addition, of the women who have children who are still age under five years.

  • Full time employee or employees fix: this type of employee is the type of employee who is consistently taking on a full-time basis that belong to do a job by becoming permanent employees, and does not share the time working belonging to work elsewhere.

The Solidarity

Explains that each employee look at a job not by simple as the end goal. But rather a noteworthy facet is relationships and social activities that could to come by. It is regard as a form of emotionally rewarding. Employees who choose this type of employment orientation in choosing. The place of work, pay more attention to the atmosphere of the work base on a strong social connection.

Social relations here in question is communication and cooperation that intertwine between individuals be it among fellow employees in a single Department or between departments.

Strong social relationship

It is said that for employees of the social side of HI, is from a job that makes the employees still feel welcome on their work and also makes the employees to keep optimizing myself in work.

In addition, a strong social relationship that these types of employees want not just limit in the work environment. But this social relationship must also be forward in life outside of work. For example, go eat, sightseeing, activities and even a mutual visit to the residence of each employee.

The Bureaucratic

Explain that that makes an employee choosing work and optimize themselves at his chosen work. It is things that are provide by the employees of the company work.

These things can be given facilities such as transportation, comfortable work spaces to work, right down. To the work equipment is sophisticate, modern and supportive. In recognition of the achievements of the work big nothingness, salary and benefits-benefits that are offer. The policies set by the company, the company's guidance provide through. The employer and who are not equally important is a clear succession.

Although the social atmosphere that there is not support, these employees remain to optimize themselves in work. Because this type of orientation of the employees more concern with self-development and further aims to increase in succession.

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