Tuesday 22 January 2019

Economic Analysis | Social Analysis | Environmental Analysis

Economic Analysis

An Economic analysis is a means to help bring about a better allocation of resources that can lead to enhanced incomes for investment or consumption purposes.

The course is run every effort will provide a positive impact or negative. Positive and negative impact of this will be felt by many parties, good entrepreneurs themselves nor the existing community surroundings around.

Suppose an entrepreneur wanting to build a garage and cent car located between the settlement. Surely a business they run will provide a positive impact or negative.

The following will describe an analysis of the economic, social, and environmental issues in a report:

Economic and Social Aspects

Economic Aspects

Positive impact of the economic aspects of the community:
  • Can improve the economic environment through: reducing unemployment in the neighborhood around the community that lately more and more.
  • Explore, manage and use natural resources through economic: existence of a garage with car paint and  community can take advantage of the existing facilities.
  • The Government boost the economy through: with the Car's paint and  Workshop can help the Government to improve economic growth in areas that are not yet advanced enough.

Social Aspects

Positive Impact - Positive impact of social aspects for society in General is the availability of the required facilities and infrastructure:

Demographic changes through the onset of unemployment rate, that in making such efforts certainly requires employers of Labor Party which can be taken from the environment of the local community.
Cultural change can have an impact on changing the attitude of society, namely, the community will get a picture of entrepreneurship.

The Negative Impact

The negative impact of social aspects for society in General is air pollution that comes from a smoke machine production which later would be bad for surrounding communities, among others, affect the health of the community.

The environmental aspect

environment is one of the aspects that must be thought even further before determining an effort. This is done solely in order that an entrepreneur can find out impacts positive or negative that would arise from an effort undertaken.

A positive impact on

job opportunities for the growing community around which it can reduce the level of unemployment, especially in the community environment.

The Negative Impact

  • Can improve the livelihood of the community though not so significant.
  • Air pollution which can interfere with the levels of public health.
  • Noise pollution that comes from a production machine.
  • Can interfere with the comfort of the local community.

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