Thursday 3 January 2019

7Cs for effective communication

7cs of communication

7Cs for effective communication is one of the very important factors in the operations of an organization. A good communication would result in compactness and improving the performance of employees and top management with Employee Departure-Employees. On the contrary, communication is lacking good will cause no goal of the Organization and would even give rise to the misunderstanding that led to conflict within an organization.

In the great dictionary of Indonesian Language, communication is defined as the sending and receiving of messages or news between two or more people so that the message is understandable. Basically, we do the communication throughout the day, both at home, in the Office, in place of recreation as well as anywhere. Such communications can be either Verbal, non-Verbal or in writing. However, it is unfortunate that not all the information or message we want to convey is acceptable and understandable by other individuals in accordance with what was intended by us. It says that cause the occurrence of miscommunication and misunderstanding or has the wrong impression.

Communication according to experts

The following are some definition or understanding of communication according to some experts:

Communication is "the process of sharing information with others", while, communication is a "Forwarding or distribution of information (data in a form that makes sense and can be used) from one person or group to another ".

The definition of Communication base on "the process of sending and receiving a message with a symbol attached to it between private or person", whereas the definition of Communication according to is "diverting information and interpersonal understanding".

7 c for effective communication

To conduct effective communication, there are 7 factors of communication that needs to be heeded. 7 Communication Factor is often call with 7C Communications.

Clear (clear)

Very we speak or write a message to another person, make sure that the message we give has a clear purpose. What exactly do we want from the giving of the message.

a Concise (Brief)

Communication should be complete in a concise yet still focus on the points that you would like us to. The delivery of the message with an excessive sentence will confuse. The listener or reader against the intent of our message.


The message convey must be concrete, thus the listener or reader can understand clearly. The message convey the overall intent and focus on who wants to be convey. Usually support with facts and data so that in not misinterpreted.


The message convey must be free of grammatical errors so that it is easy to understand by the recipient of the message.


Coherent communication is communication that is coherent or sensible. All messages are give in accordance with the main topic of conversation.


Communication should be complete, we must give the complete message. To the recipients of the message so that recipients of the message knowing. The intent and purpose of the message in question.

The Polite

Communication is complete with polite, friendly and open without something covert.

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