Wednesday 30 January 2019

5 Reasons Why Competitors are Good for Your Business

5 Reasons Why Competitors are Good for Your Business

Whatever business you run today, competition is always a big thing that you always face. Competitors make your work heavy of course, burdening you to think of the right business strategy, to win the competition.
Trouble indeed, but believe it or not, it is the competition that makes your business grow well.

  1. Competition leads you to innovation
  2. Imagine if you're the only "player" in the industry you run, without a competitor company, without a competitor. Of course your business will not grow, aka, so-so alone.
    If you have a broad market, you will not succeed by doing what others have done. A healthy competition encourages you to give a value that is different from others, whether it's in technology, or the customer experience.

  3. Customer Service
  4. Because many companies offer similar products, you can not compete to win the hearts of customers. You also improve the quality of customer service or customer service.

  5. Inner satisfaction
  6. Admit it, competition shakes your inner satisfaction. Yes, right? Imagine the time you spent with the company succeeding in the competition, reaping the achievements with the hearts of many customers, and overwhelming competitors. That is the sense of inner satisfaction that can not be judged by the rupiah.

  7. Understanding the market deeper
  8. The existence of fierce competition forces you to understand your market more deeply, to be able to successfully attract them. When you target a group of markets in a certain area, you're encouraged to understand them better, so you've managed to create the best product for them.

  9. Education
  10. Seeing your competitors do business strategy well, makes you learn a lot about your business. The business practices done by your peson provide you with valuable insights for your market, helping you understand what works and what does not.

Now there's no reason to hate business competition, but instead, thank the competitors. Because it's a healthy competition that helps your business grow better.

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