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Work productivity – definition and measurement

Work productivity

Employee productivity (sometimes referred to as workforce productivity) is an assessment of the efficiency of a worker or group of workers. Productivity may be evaluated in terms of the output of an employee in a specific period of time.

Human Resource Management.

Productivity is the ratio or ratios between outcomes (output, output). All the sacrifices (cost) to bring about those results (input, input). Inputs may include the cost of production (production cost) and the cost of equipment (equipment cost). While output can consist of sales (sales), earnings (income), market share, and damage (defects).

Labor productivity is one of the size of the company in achieving its goals. Human resource is the most strategic elements in the Organization. Must be recognize and accept by the management. Increase productivity of work can only be complete by humans.

Therefore, the workforce is an important factor in measuring productivity. This is cause by two things, among others;

First, because of the magnitude of the cost that was scarify for labor as part of the largest cost to the procurement of products or services;

Second, because entries on other factors like capital.

Contains notions of productivity with regard to economical, philosophical concepts and systems. As the concept of economically, productivity deals with human efforts or activities. To produce goods or services that are useful for the fulfillment of human needs and the community at large.


As a philosophical concept, productivity contains view of life and the mental attitude that is always striving to improve the quality of life. Where the State today must be better than yesterday, and the quality of life of tomorrow should be better than These days. This gave the impetus to try and develop themselves. While the concept of the system, giving guidelines to the thought that the achievement of a purpose there should be cooperation or alignment of the relevant elements as a system.

It can be said that productivity was the result of a comparison between the work of the employees with the sacrifice that has been issued. This is in accordance with the opinion of that productivity is:

"Ability to benefit the most from the available infrastructure and facilities by generating optimal output even if it is probably the maximum."

How to increase productivity?

Many research results that showed that productivity was greatly influence by factors:

Knowledge, skills, abilities, attitudes, and behaviors of the workers who are in the Organization. So much productivity improvement programs putting such things as essentially assumptions.

Other notions of productivity are a universal concept of creating more goods and services to human life, to use the limited resources.

Increasing productivity can be achievement by holding down the last detail all sorts of costs includes in utilizing human resources. (do the right thing) and increase the output of most (do the thing right). In other words, that productivity is a reflection of the level of efficiency and effectiveness of work in total.

In general productivity is define as the relationship between physical or tangible results (goods or services) with the inclusion of the real thing. Productivity is also define as the level of efficiency in producing goods or services. Productivity is also defined as:

  • A size comparison of prices for the input and results

  • Differences between the collection of the amount of the expenditure and input expressed in units (units).

The most famous productivity measure relating to manpower can be calculated by dividing the expenditure by the amount used or the hours of working people.

How to measure Labor Productivity?

The measurement of labor productivity according to the system the physical individual income/per person or per hour of work the person is widely accept. But from the point of view of daily supervision, measurement/-the measurements are generally unsatisfactory. Due to the existence of variation in the amount need to produce one unit of different products. Therefore, the measurement method use labor time (hours, days or years). Expenditure is convert into units of workers. Which is usually define as the amount of work that can be complete in one hour by a trust worker who works according to the implementation of the standard.

Because the input or results can be express in time, labor productivity can be express as:

A simple index = results in standard hours: Entries in the hours’ time.

To measure a company’s productivity

To measure a company's productivity can be use two types of measure the human, i.e. hours of work hours of work must be paid and the hours of work that use to work. Working hours to be paid include all the hours of work shall be paid, plus the hours not use to work but must be paid, vacation, holidays, leave due to illness, and the other remaining tasks. So for the purposes of General labor productivity measurement we have the require units are:

The quantity of results and the use of quantity of labor input.

Productivity in General can be formulate as follows:

Productivity = Output/input (measurable) + input (invisible).

Invisible input includes the level of knowledge, technical ability, working methodology and organizational arrangements, and work motivation.

To measure work productivity of human labor, machine operator. For example, then the following formulation could be use for this purpose, namely:

Productivity = total output generated

Workforce number of workforce employed in the labor productivity of the here shown as a ratio of the amount of the resulting output per labor hour total human (man-hours), i.e. hours of work used to complete the work. Labor employed can consist of the workforce directly or indirectly, but will usually include both.

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