Monday 24 December 2018

What is work achievement?

work achievement

Discuss about the motivation of working, cannot be detached from the discussion of work achievement. Because the work motivation is the most important part of the work's behavior. It can be interpreted as the outcome of a person according to the measure that applies to the work in question.

It is a result of work accomplished person in carrying out the duties charged to him based on skills, experience and seriousness as well as time.

Work achievement as one's success in performing a job.

Assessment of The Work Achievement

The last measure of the success of the personnel department is it. Because both the Department itself nor employees need feedback on its efforts, respectively, then the it of each employee needs to be assess.

Therefore, the assessment of the achievements of the work is the process through which organizations evaluate or assess work achievement, factors which need to be assess work achievements are as follows:

  1. The quantity of work: The number of results work in accordance with the existing working time, noteworthy is not the result of routine but how quickly the work could be completed.

  2. The quality of work: The quality of work that is based on standards established. It is usually measured through accuracy, thoroughness, skill, cleanliness of the work.

  3. Reliability: Whether employees Can count on is the ability to meet or to follow instructions, initiatives, careful, craft and cooperation.

  4. The initiative: Ability to recognize problems and take corrective actions, provide suggestions for improvement and accept the responsibility of finishing.

  5. Craft: A willingness to perform without any coercion and also that is routine.

  6. The attitude of employees towards the company or the behavior of superiors or co-workers

  7. The presence of the presence of the employee at work to work according to the time/work hours.

Usability Assessment of Working Achievement

Assessment of the achievements of the work can improve the personnel decisions and provide feedback to employees about the execution of their work. Hence the usefulness of the assessment work achievement can be specified as follows:

Repair work achievement

Work implementation feedback allows employees, managers and the personnel department can correct their activities.

Adjustment-adjustment of Compensation

Evaluation work achievement helps decision-makers in deciding wage increases, bonuses and other compensation.

The decisions of the placement

Promotion, transfer and demotion are usually based on the achievements of past work or anticipation. The promotion is often a form of appreciation for the achievements of past work.

The needs of training and Development

Achievements of an ugly work may indicate the need of practice. Likewise, a good achievement may reflect the potential that needs to be developed.

Planning and Career Development

Feedback work achievement directing career decisions, which is about a certain career path that must be examined,

Deviations Staffing Process

Work achievement is good or ugly reflects the strength or weakness of the personnel department staffing procedures

The lack of inaccuracies Informational

Ugly work achievement may indicate errors in the information analysis Office plans, human resources, or other components of human resources management information system. As a result, the decisions taken to be not appropriate.

Designer mistakes Work

Ugly work achievement may be a sign of an error in the design work. Assessment of achievement helps diagnose those mistakes.

Fair employment opportunities

employment achievement Assessment accurately will ensure internal placement decisions taken without discrimination.

External challenges

sometimes work achievement influenced by factors outside the work environment such as family, health, financial condition or other personal issues. With the assessment of achievements, the personnel department may be able to offer assistance.

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