Thursday 27 December 2018

What is a product positioning map?

A positioning map is a tool that is usually use by people who are in marketing and deals with products that they are attempting to market. The idea is that everyone has a different perception of a certain product.

The map position of the product is a new analysis tool that offers an alternative to mapping products by allowing the user to apply the various dimensions in the graph of the radar. The map position of the product can have multiple dimensions, but the most common is two dimensional. This map helps us to visualize existing solutions in a clear framework.

After conducting market segmentation in efforts aiming a specific group of customers, the next step is to find what the customer wants. Positioning (positioning) means create images that reflect how the product or service you in the eyes of consumers after doing analysis of the consumer.

Steps-steps that are require in the positioning of the product:

  • Select key criteria that effectively distinguish the product or service in the industry.

  • Creates a two dimensional diagram map positioning products with criteria specify on each axis.

  • Places the products/services of competitors in the resultant matrix of the four quadrants.

  • Identify the field – positioning map fields in the place of most products or services can compete in specific target markets.

  • Develop marketing plans to position the products or services of the company appropriately.

Because only two criteria that can be examine on a map of positioning the product, have a lot of maps create to assess various approaches towards the implementation of the strategy.

Some basic guidelines for using map positioning

  • Look for a hole or an empty niche

  • Don't put myself between the segments. Any excess of the between-segment (such as target market) removed by a failure to satisfy one segment.

  • Do not serve the two segments with the same strategy. Usually a successful strategy with one segment is not directly transfer to another segment.

  • Do not position yourself in the middle of the map. The middle part usually means the strategies are not clearly perceive to have the characteristics that differentiate.

Strategy of designing the product positioning:

  • Position base on product attributes. A product can be view differently by consumers according to product attributes, such as: quality, price, appearance, or its design.

  • Position base on the merits of the product. Position of the product can be distinguish according to the competitor's product against the product usability, function or its benefits. For example: the position of casual attire in contrast to formal clothing.

  • Position the base of the use of the product. A product can be position for its use in the specific conditions. PC (personal computer) can be distinguish from its position according to the usage of settle, while the Laptop is use for the purpose of trip.

  • Position base on usage of the product. Position of the product can be distinguish directly correspond to difference or specificity of product users. For example, the usage of the vehicle according to the interests of the family are clearly different from the position of a vehicle for Commerce.

  • Distinguishing position directly with competitors. The position of different products can be design directly against competitors ' products with offensive or refer to product attributes of its competitors.

Qualitative sources - Framework

This mapping aims to organize data to find patterns that help create a useful framework. Mapping the position of using qualitative sources

To put data in a two-dimensional space. After the data is map. The pattern, grouping and hierarchy can be create to identify insights or ideas.

At the most basic level, mapping the position consists of two non-dependent axes and many data points. Select the axis is an essential part of the success of the framework, because if the wick is too closely related, the pattern that occur may not produce results accordingly.

Mapping the position of the product can be use to map the wide range of topics, from the branding strategy for the analysis of artifacts. A framework is very flexible, Map position can be more sophisticate products, such as dynamic maps with filters, multiple map layers, and some map juxtapose, to name a few.

Of this mapping, a company consider to introduce the new products will be looking for the most ideal area. They will also seek areas without competitive rivals. This is best done by placing the second point of the ideal and competing products on the same map.

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