Thursday 27 December 2018

How to optimize warehouse space?

An Optimize warehouse is the most important in the logistics activity. Your success in fulfilling customer orders depends on the management of inventory in Your warehouse. If you let your store is messy, then you have to face various consequences such as inventory that is damaged or lost, the delay in product delivery, and more. All of that could easily be avoided if you have a good cellar management. Here are our seven tips auto summary warehouse management to help optimize the management of your inventory.

One of the most important elements in the system of Production is Material. Without the Material, production is not possible can produce finished goods or the desired end product. Material or often also referred to as the ingredients are essentially objects needed to create something, e.g. to make finished goods material required like shirt fabric, thread and buttons while the mobile phone required to produce raw materials or materials are components of electronics such as transistors, ICS, Resistors, LCD etc.


In the production system, the Material is input or Input that is used for processing into finished goods, Material is here can be either raw materials or materials that have been process before being used for further production processes. In manufacturing companies, Material needs to be handle in a professional manner in order to provide the most optimal contribution to the company. The Management Sciences deal with Material in a company known as Management Material.

By definition, the definition of Material Management is a function that is responsible for coordinating the planning (planning), the search for sources (sourcing), procurement (purchasing), storage (car storing facility) and control (controlling) the material optimally so that it can meet the needs of customers. Management of Material can also be interprete as scientific techniques related to planning, organizing and controlling the flow of materials ranging from initial purchase to arrive at the place of its destination.

The Scope of Material Management

From the above definition, we can pull conclusions regarding the scope of the management of the Material that is covering the planning and controlling of Material Management, procurement, storage and inventory management.

The following is a brief explanation about some of the scope of management of the Material:

Planning and control of materials (Material Planning and Control)

The scope of the first Materials Management is the Planning and control of the Material. Material require will be plan and control base on Sales Forecast or Estimate sales and production planning (Production Planning). Planning and control of the Material involves the estimate needs of each material, preparing budget materials, predict the level of inventory, schedule a booking materials and monitoring performance related to production and sales.

Purchase (Purchasing)

The scope of the purchase or Purchasing includes the selection of sources of supply, make a purchase through the issuance of the Purchase Order (PO), keeping track of the purchase until the material arrives at the place of its destination, keeping good relations with suppliers, approve the payment to suppliers, evaluate and assess the performance of each supplier.

Storage Management (Store Management)

The storage management or Store Management covers the monitoring and control of material physically. And maintaining and caring for the area or storage space. Minimize wear and tear and damage of materials through the efficient handling. Noting the number of supplies and materials put on the appropriate place. A storage management is also responsible for verifying the condition. Even and quantity of the material is physically. As well as certain it would withstand with the amount record in bookkeeping. Store or storage it holds a very important role in a Manufacturing company.

Inventory management (Inventory Management)

In production systems, Inventory or supplies are define as resources that are idle (idle resource) in a company. The inventory can be goods so that store and ready for sale or semi-finish goods. That will run the next process as well as the still-raw material shape. The interval of time from material purchasing to transform into finish goods. Which is ready for sale will vary at each company depending on the cycle time of production. Therefore, the require amount of material supplies sufficient. To serve as a buffer or a buffer so that the production could run smoothly. Without any disruption due to lack of material. One method commonly use inventory control is a method of inventory control Just In Time or JIT.

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