Saturday 8 December 2018

What is process improvement initiative?

A successful process improvement initiative is the key to the company's ability to maintain edge over the competition. Unfortunately, many company executives are so fast on fast growth and profits. They should not ignore the importance of evaluating the implementation processes when they are introduced to the business.

The key to the success of a business is to understand in its entirety and depth, why you are running the business. Why you should do what you do, and why set the organization's direction to a point that you consider to be the greatest goal in the business you run.


Once that understanding has been obtained, it is time to clear things up and prepare to make changes, so that all goals can be achieved. Global companies that achieve great success in business doing so-called process improvement. However, many of these companies are in the early stages of improvement initiatives, who are confused or even burdened with the "necessity". That's because they do not know where to start. They feel too busy to think about what they consider to be "adding to the job".

For those of you who do not want to get caught in that crippling mindset, consider the following tips:

Strategic Thinking

Nothing is worse than doing process optimization and letting the system run is not optimal. If you want to understand every part of the process, you must first understand the whole. Involve your entire team, understand business strategies and targets, and start thinking at a high level. After understanding the whole, you can dig deeper to gain an understanding of the details.

Use Process Mapping

Consider creating process mappings. This will help you and your team to understand the whole process. Use whiteboard or post it large size so everyone can see clearly and think about the things needed to start the process. Take it each stage of the process, and ask the team, "then after that what?" Until you get to the end of the process. If you are a team leader, tell the team that they do not need to erase the problem in the early stages of the process improvement. You and they must first understand the whole process visually.

Set Matrix

Sometimes you will think, you make improvements but feel uncertain whether the business is successful or not. There are many ways to measure success. Even if you do not have historical data, start measuring from the beginning of your journey in applying the process improvement program to make sure the ways you use have paid off. If you have obtained a way of measuring, indicate someone who has the ability to track the course and make the report for you.

Continue to run your program with confidence and make sure your steps are correct. Good luck!

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