Saturday 8 December 2018

What is a Lean Work Environment?


A Lean implementation emphasizes the importance of optimizing work flow through strategic operational procedures while minimizing waste and being adaptable. Lean aims to enhance productivity by simplifying the operational structure enough to understand, perform and manage the work environment.

The work environment was the social life, psychology. The physical in the company that affect workers in carry out its work. Human life is inseparable from the various circumstances surrounding environment, between man and the environment. There is a very tight relationship. In this case, people will always try to adapt to the various circumstances surrounding environment.

Similarly, when doing the work, employees as human beings cannot be separate from the various circumstances surrounding the place they work, i.e. work environment. During the work, every employee will interact with various conditions contain in the work environment.

One feature that may be 'seen' from the successful implementation of Lean Manufacturing is the creation of a Lean work environment. However, what will the "Lean work environment" look like?

Lean Manufacturing is a philosophy

As we have seen, Lean Manufacturing is a philosophy that is a compilation of operational techniques support by research and practice. Elimination of waste and identification of activities that bring value (value-added activities) are the main drivers of the culture of Lean in the organization. The Lean philosophy is found in the method use by  to develop in Toyota and create continuous improvement. This philosophy can be apply in every part of the value stream.

Lean Thinking

These concepts give a high image of "Lean Thinking" in the entire value stream, including activities that hold value, techniques to eliminate waste across the joint organization. Such activities must be continuously carry out from processes relating to raw materials to finish goods to customers. Organizations should be able to embrace suppliers and customers into Lean Culture to maximize waste elimination and leave only activities that bring value in the work environment. Such are the features of Lean's working environment.

Type of Work Environment

The physical work environment

A physical work environment is the physical shape of all the circumstances surrounding there is work that may affect the employee either directly or indirectly. The physical work environment can be divide into two categories, namely:

  1. Work environment that is directly related to the employee as the center of work, Chair, table, and so on.

  2. Environment General environment or intermediary can also refer to the work environment. That affect the human condition such as temperature, humidity, air circulation, lighting, noise, mechanical vibration, odor, color and more.

To be able to minimize the physical environment of the clerk against the employee. Then the first step should be studying humans. Good to know the physical and the vagaries of the Act, then use as a basis to think of an appropriate physical environment.

Non Physical work environment

The nonphysical work environment are all circumstances that occur with regard to the working relationship, good relations with superiors, as well as relationships with fellow colleagues or relations with subordinates.

The company should be able to reflect the conditions that favor cooperation between the level bosses, subordinates and have equal status. Conditions should be create is a family atmosphere, good communication, and self-control. So a nonphysical work environment is also a group work environment that cannot be ignore.


Success strategy is not only seen from the position of the product against competitors the market. Not only about how many products are successfully sold. But it is also about how the company's internal state that is how the process of making the product. How the resources are use, what is the cost and the time use for the manufacture of that product.

In the production process, if a process does not add value to the products manufacture by the company. Then this process can be categorize as a waste. The waste that occurs in an enterprise will result in waste are useless effort or resources use. So will minimize the value of the profit will be obtain by the company later on. In reducing the wastage is one of the approaches that can be complete is to apply the concept of Lean Manufacturing in the company environment.

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