Wednesday 19 December 2018

What are the 7 types of context of communication


A communications context can be thought of as the environment or human eco-system in which communication takes place. Determining the context of a particular instance of communication involves considering the cultural, historical, psychological, social and physical factors at play.

In the writings of earlier discussed about the definition, Meaning, form and function of the communication. In the context of the communication itself according to in his book Human Communication, they argued that in communicating there are 6 (six) kinds of communication, in which context the context this communication appeared in several different situations.

Although each communication context has special characteristics, but they all have in common, namely is the process of creating the meaning between two or more persons. As for the sixth communication context are:

The communication of the Two-Person

Two-person Communications also known as communication Dyadic communication is the most basic communication contexts, where context communication consists of a relationship between two people. This two-person communication covers all types of human relationships starting from the shortest relationship and plain up to the most profound relationship and lasting.


The term interview has been heard by the general public, generally the interviews related to the world of inquiry. But in fact the interview is also include in one of the communication context. Where the interview is often define as a conversation with a specific meaning. This interview appear due to the intent. Or the more specific objectives to be achieve from the communication between two individuals. The interview itself is a form of communication that is typical. So that a lot of interview techniques develop in order for the goal to be achieve can be successful with their best.

Small-group communication

Context this communication according to as verbal and nonverbal Exchange process between three or more members of a group that aims for mutual affect.

Public communication

In public communication, one person was appoint as speaker and more as listeners. Which is a complementary role, or an audience of listeners. In this public communication is face-to-face communication upfront keep running despite. Generally listeners only send nonverbal messages such as applause, laugh, etc. Sometimes in the public communication of these listeners will be give. The opportunity to deliver a verbal message by the time question and answer session.

Organizational Communication

Organizational is  that occurs in the context of an organization. Which carry out the process is the people who work in the Organization.

Mass communication

Context this sort of communication using the media. The source of the messages communicate through the print or electronic media. Where the message was delivered address to a large number of individuals and is not a small handful of individuals.

Intercultural Communication

Intercultural Communication is happening between people who have a different culture. Where differences could be in race, ethnic, or socioeconomic, or a combination of all these.


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