Wednesday 19 December 2018

4 reasons that need for brand brand repositioning in market

brand repositioning

There are several reasons why companies need to do a brand repositioning:

The reaction to the new position of competitors

It feels definitely do not taste good if your brand is constantly attack by competitors. If you remain silent against the movement of the competitor's name, you may be not able to compete or lose. repositioning is done when You become unique and not showing "why" should choose your brand compare to competitors.

Reaching new markets

A brand often has had a good market, but the market is precisely the great influx of fishing often competitors – new competitors crowd – many attacking players who are already there. Or it could just be a brand feel markets during this time serve already difficult growing, for it needs to be prim for a new segment of targeting.

If you want to targeting a new segment, would always have to use the re-positioning? The reasoning is simple, each segment certainly has different characteristics, if you keep using the old positioning for targeting a new segment, does fit? It can be said no. To that end, if the intend entry into new markets, take a repositioning.

Catch new trends

The market nothing is static, there is always a trend – a new trend emerges. These developments certainly changed consumer behavior and preferences. It is of course often forces us to rethink our current brand positioning. Analysis of these trends are well last a long time and the most important is whether the trend will change consumer behavior towards the purchase decision. If Yes, then you should do a repositioning.

Change the value offering

Can do when Re-positioning a brand trying to offer a different value. Value here shows a comparison between what was obtain by the consumer (total of get) with what is give ("total give"). With the change of value offer to consumers, certainly a brand must inevitably perform repositioning. Because that's been offer is different. If it still retains the old positioning, then don't support the change of value offer to consumers.

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