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Warehouse Management System

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How WMS (Warehouse Management System)?

This could allow that? Of course with a database system that allows the user to perform the detail control. I'm trying to discuss how WMS can do these things. These data I got from a source that has a direct license regarding the software database warehouse.

The above features are ideal facilities provide by the Warehouse Management System. Receiving and Put away, Dispatching, Stock Take, Reporting are some of the standard features that try I discuss.

The process of Receiving and Put away starts when the goods come into the warehouse. Physical goods that come to be include into the system of WMS, warehouse goods in databases will be update.

Receiving and storage

The option of doing the input items is to use the data Input PO (Purchase Order) is automatically conduct Department of Purchasing/Purchase. Or by manual data input. The main principle is the physical suitability come up with needs in storage. Thus avoiding the difference in stock at the time of cycle count or stock name.

After physical receipt of physical goods, and must be place in a specific location in the warehouse (Put away). Put away processes is very important to find out information on where goods are receive are place and can support system/FEFO FIFO (First in First Out/First Expire First Out).

Its may  shows the number of the receive products and laying on him. For warehouse facilities as well as bar coding complexity and of very high value then recommend conducting document printing receipt on the bar code sticker will be affix on goods.

The system

It is useful to accelerate the activities of operations because of physical goods transfer processes will be support by the existence of a system scan using boarding's handheld and operators who do not need to do the put away updating on a computer.

Information receipt labels affix on a pallet is also very helpful operator warehouse do cycle count/stock name.  Don't need to do a manual calculation and sufficient information on sticker, time calculation will be very fast and accurate. After the above goods pallet affix label and place corresponding locations are list, then the process of receiving and put away can be said to be complete.


This dispatching process supporting operational expenditures as a function of the goods from the warehouse (picking and delivery of goods) of the goods to be deliver to the outlets or to the customer. Search location over the stuff that will be picking will be facilitate through the existence of the information on WMS.

For workers of the warehouse, surely this feature speeds up searches. Simply view the information, or even information has been upload into a handheld device, do the picking and do scanning the bar code against sticker on the pallet so that goods already stat data taken on location and stock already empty can be assigned to other items will be accept.

Identify picking location

After doing the picking location then the operator of the warehouse need to be guide by the information items which will be delivery to one goal. WMS will provide information from customer orders in the form of a bar code sticker affix to each carton which will force. This sticker will match the numbers with the physical items taken from the scene.

After doing activities picking, then validation need to be made between those items that has been picking up with orders from the outlet or customer. Warehouse Management System accommodate this validation document feature called Delivery Note or can be also refer to as Delivery Note.


The main function of this feature is to make it easier to compare between warehouse operational items that pickings with the items that will be load into trucks, warehouse clerk who do are usually name "checkers" who perform the function of double check between results versus picking items that will be on the loading. In such important tasks until the checker to speed up its work, WMS support with printing document Delivery Note/Delivery Order as shown below.

In addition to the features of the Delivery Note, double check the next feature is need to ensure the whole stuff out is the order from the customer, one of the functions of the double check this can be assist with sticker dispatch labels.

Labeling and other thing !

Sticker dispatch labels will guide the operator to do the loading into the truck that would carry goods to a particular purpose. Dispatch this label has a dual function as a double check on the process places/destinations that will be receiving the item. Information sticker and cardboard amount enough to base a freebie, save time checking at the time of unloading at the destination.

At the moment this dispatch WMS will cut a number of stock that has been delivery to the destination process, this information is read as deduction the level of inventory and automatically be process to a management system Preparation for further process into a reservation to the supplier. Inventory management systems article details I ever review on my writing.

Stock taking

The Stock take done to make adjustments the physical stock and the stock of the computer so that the level of inventories related to the cost of inventory in a warehouse in accordance with the physical state. Stock take is one activity that suck up capacity and very draining time from the operator's warehouse. Not uncommon to take stock of the process done by involving many personnel of the warehouse, do the calculation.

The calculation 1 2 inwards to ensure the goods are physically present in the warehouse. WMS already makes it easy with detail information of each item and location, so that the operator is fairly easy to do a stock take. In WMS warehouse operational then flow certainly does not bring up the difference between the physical goods with the stock computer.

Documentation & Reporting

Stock take Report is print after the physical counting of the results done ideally is 0 or is not the case the difference at all between a physical computer. If there is a difference in value plus or minus then conduct recount against physical, WMS has help to do reference the location of the goods occur between releases, operators no longer need to go around the barn to calculate the entire amount of the goods but simply counting to a location that, according to the report the difference occurs. The time use will be very brief. After all the counting is done, your computer will do the adjustment plus or minus against the physical counting. At this stage then shed has had the appropriate update stock between the physical data.

Reporting as the Output from the application of WMS (Warehouse Management System)

Feature reporting feature is a pretty vital supporter. The report is available on the WMS must be able to explain many things to the owner of the goods, this report must also be valid and available at any time where a decision must be support by the existence of a past historical data. This reporting feature in my opinion be a point of vital importance there is a WMS at the warehouse.

Some of the features of the reporting on the image on the side must be capable of supporting the needs of a warehouse will be a complete information.

ideally someone would be able to read the health of a warehouse on this reporting feature. Suppose reporting preparation day (Inventory Days) that should be at the minimum level, let's say ideally 5 days. If reporting shows the stock shed over 5 days, then the decision of the head of warehouse/Warehouse Manager must try to lower the level of order and optimize spending, so the inventory level is down.

Implementation of Warehouse Management Systems (Warehouse Management System)

This report is also require at the customer (special topic on a warehouse service provider) to find out what items are available in the warehouse. It will be deliver to the outlet or destinations. In the absence of supporting features in the form of reporting. The WMS can be said to be incomplete and lacking in answering the needs of the user.

Reporting should also be link to Key Performance Indicator (KPI) from the warehouse. Suppose the KPI from the variance stock is 1%. Then the Report must be able to report a difference in the outcome of goods stock name. For further requirements.

Some standard features of yesteryear WMS should be found in each warehouse. Depending on the value of the goods movement occurs in it. WMS software installation itself requires no fee a bit and at least 1-2 people need a dedicate admin to be responsible for WMS.

Investment Warehouse Management System

According to some sources, WMS provider price offer enough in price. This variation is usually caused by the complexity of the features available on the WMS. Ideally, when buying a WMS, users have to know a few things as follows:

WMS provider Capabilities, the ability of service providers to perform business process mapping in the company. The more profound ability WMS service providers understand. The process in your warehouse, denotes a provider has extensive experience and ' work ' for you.

Portfolio or never worn before.

This can be demonstrate through solutions that have ever been design by WMS provider on clients before. The more vary solutions are design, the better the application of WMS can be adjust. In accordance with the business process in the company.

Support in case of bugs or errors.

WMS application service providers usually charge for any support given. Its figures, can reach millions of dollars (which is certainly beyond reasonableness). A figure that still is reasonable under big amount of dollar. Be careful also to application service providers. That use the system queue when serving customers. While WMS applications that you buy down then you have to wait for the queue to get support.

If installing WMS became a considerable investment and may be damning for capital expenditures (Capital Expenditure) for a business. Then there is no harm in redirecting the option to rent services WMS. Of course this option would be more ' lightweight ' and has a lower risk. Because of recording going as operational costs (Operational Expenses) monthly as well as risks in WMS unused. Surely will disappear because any time can decide contracts with service providers.

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