Monday 10 December 2018

Two bin System

It is a simple visual system, with a minimum of hassle where items can be identify as having a purchasing requirement without the need for paperwork or stores records. Likewise the Kanban system.

With the two bin system the trigger process can result in the empty bin being refilled with enough to keep things going for a few weeks or even months. The quantity in the second bin, from which supply is now being taken would be of equal size and therefore contain weeks’ or even months’ worth of stock. Therefore a two bin system is essentially a high stock system – fine if the stock value is low.

The concept

Taking the same simplicity afford by the two bin system, this can be apply to major items as well, but in a very different environment. This has to be low stock, rapid response, high process reliability with commitment from both supplier and user. Low stock means small batches and frequent supply.

Frequent does mean every day or even more often. Internally in manufacture this usually means several times each day. The same can be apply to external supply, but often daily supply can be frequent enough. It is only worth doing this if there is a significant cost saving involve, and this usually means restricting the technique to the high turnover value, consistent usage items.

Is actually old Kanban

Two bin system is old version of Kanban system. There is a precise set of conditions which has to be fulfill to enable supply to be a really ‘just-in-time’ Kanban system and improve version of old “two bin”.

The operations of the two processes are very similar: when the first bin is empty, this triggers a request for replenishment. The replenishment is then organize to arrive before the second bin is all use up. There is however a great deal of difference between the operation of a classic two bin system and Kanban.

The operation of a Kanban system is Short lead time, Small quantities, Fast Cycle & Well Plan.

Benefits of two bin system

1. No Repacking in the Line
2. Materials fed directly to point of use
3. No Paper / Plastic / Card board waste in Shop Floor
4. Operator focuses on Process
5. Visual Trigger for Material Feeder
6. No communication gaps
7. 100% Material Available, ready to use.

Some more benefits of a two bin system:

  1. A two bin system ensures predefine inventory levels at the work cell. Only two bins are use.

  2. The operator doesn't have to leave the work area to get parts in a two bin system.

  3. The empty bin is an excellent visual trigger to the material handler to replenish the work cell.

  4. A two bin system is a pull system. Inventory isn't sent to the process until it's need.

  5. No communication is necessary between material handling and the process.

  6. Less space require in the work cell with a two bin system, compare to excess inventory.

Two bin system is use for the material control. It is that technique of material control in which we have two bins, one is use for in use minimum stock and second bin is use for reserve stock or to keep the remaining quantity of material. This system of inventory control is also call in USA Kanban. First bin is utilize for issuing the material for production and then, second bin is use. Its record is done on bin cards and store ledger card.

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