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5W2H method

5W2H method

5W2H method is a method of structured, as tools bring up ideas by using a series of questions related to your problems or goals set. This tool encourages teams to take notice and ask every aspect of a problem or objective that anything will be resolved.

The series of questions 5W2H are:

  1. What (what).
  2. When (when).
  3. Where (where).
  4. Who (who).
  5. Why (why).
  6. How (how).
  7. how much does it cost (how much)?

This method can be applied in the activity:

(1) Test and ask a process or a product that is intended to come up with improvement ideas.

(2) Find potential problems or new opportunities

(3) Accompany the team in bring up ideas

(4) Evaluate all the issues and causes of the problem

(5) We know in a structured team problem solving activities in General consists of the stages:

  • Determination of the problem or purpose

  • Collect data & mapping of the condition/situation

  • Find the cause or the odds changes

  • Develop and plan a fix it solution or solution change

  • Implement solutions or changes

  • Measure success and results from a change

  • Setting a new standard

  • Recognition and rewards team effort

5W2H method can be used on stage:

  1. Determination of the problem or purpose
  2. Collecting data and mapping conditions
  3. Find the cause or the odds changes
  4. Develop and plan a fix it solution or solution change

This method is typically used in the work or activities of the innovation/improvement, Change management, and Manufacturing. To enrich ideas, can be assisted SCAMPER tools.

Use of methods Procedure 5W2H

    1. Visualize problem or goal statement to the team. For example: Lowering the number of failures (defects) of the product
    2. Create table 5W2H on the Board with his table headings are: 5W2H question
    3. Participants responded to the questions and filling in the chart
    4. Restart Review to the most appropriate good 5W2H obtained the consensus of the team.

Once you find the problem, 5W2H are doing before jumping to discuss solutions, while problem solving. To clarify and make clear is the challenge team. The principle is to find the cause, dont blame others & focus on process.


Lowering the number of failures of product


  • Why do we need to lower the product failure?
  • The product until it says fail?
  • To decrease internal and external cost impact from the failure of the product, not the accomplished XYZ specification.


  • Product specifications? - what is specific details for products?
  • What is the process/product procurement activities?
  • Causes the problem? List out what you observe?

Starting from the process of with s/d D, product specifications on 5 parameters of quality. Why XYZ parameter are not met.


  • Where failure of the product of that happening?
  • The product failed to occur starting from process


  • Anyone who is involved in the process?
  • Who is the person/group who are having a lot of problems?
  • Operator, technician, QC, Logistics, and failure process of occurred in C with operator AB, AC and AD as well as Technicians.


  • Is usually the failure of that happening? When?
  • When the turn of a shift
  • The process is complete?, the B C process do its work, the machine is not yet 100% ready to process, however the work already done. When?
  • When the shift was changed, the machine must be adjusting by the technician so that the machine must be turned off 10 minutes, then run.

How much:

  • The number of failures is 2 pcs per shift, should be 0 failure.
  • Its effect is conducted should be no rework, rework.
  • The potential costs incurred is 200,000/pcs, should be no loss of charge.


  • How to process what happened so it fails?
  • Please specify why, focus in the process.

The cause of the failure is that the process of C, the engine was not ready for producing the goods, though already been appropriate adjustment and silent time 10 minutes.

The machine is not yet ready to use the moment already adjustment 10 minutes due to temperature has not yet reached the standard.

The temperature has not yet reached the standard machines already delivered ready to use, because of the temperature sensors are not reporting the actual temperature, but already calibrated.

Why temperature sensor case, because of the distance of the sensor to the sensor's field less close. In the activity, 5W2H focus on process, not on the person is more mainstream.

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